Greta’s Parents Reported to Child Services in Sweden This Morning!

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Article by Leo Zagami 


Earlier today, a private person posted pictures of their concern report about Greta Thunberg for child abuse by the parents. The report was allegedly sent to the Kungsholmen’s district administration in Stockholm and is being taken very seriously.

“We have an obligation to assess within 24 hours,” the childcare unit told Swedish local News agency

UPPGIFTER: Greta Thunberg ska utredas av Kungsholmens socialtjänst

Swedish Party Chairman for Social conservatives and lifestyle liberals, who is also a lawyer  wrote on Twitter: “When large parts of the adult world and established media participate in the mass psychosis around Greta Thunberg – who obviously doesn’t feel so good – it’s like having to pinch one’s arm. Is this true? What are you doing? This is not healthy.” added: “Since Greta Thunberg began her career as an opinion maker and climate guru just over a year ago, many debaters have expressed concern that the girl may have been exploited by her mother and the public relations consultant behind the campaign”

(Sedan Greta Thunberg påbörjade sin karriär som opinionsbildare och klimatguru för drygt ett år sedan har många debattörer uttryckt en oro över att flickan kan ha utnyttjats av sin mor och pr-konsulter som står bakom kampanjen.)

 Despite what the MSM reported President Trump did the right thing in ignoring poor Greta yesterday who needs help as soon as possible.



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15 thoughts to “Greta’s Parents Reported to Child Services in Sweden This Morning!”

  1. Hi Leo, thank you for you incredible work. You inspire me everyday. I don’t have a pay pal account. Do you have a P.O. Box Number I could send a donation to?

  2. She gave Greta a disability by drinking booze during pregnancy too apparently.
    It looks like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

    Bad mother wants to lecture us about care.

  3. I’ll start by saying I hope that little girl gets help. I wrote several articles in the past few days about Greta Thunberg and how she is being manipulate and used. I have also received a 3 day ban on facebook for sharing a meme that is all over facebook. They have tried to deplatform me for standing up to their lies. I have tried to contact you and know you are a busy man. I have some more facts I have uncovered and would like your take on it.
    she is being used to push a scam and as an advocate against the abuse of children want to see her get help. thanks for your time and hope to hear from you. I’m a friend on facebook.

  4. LightMasons In Action…
    Superb, Leo.
    I think your mom stole your childhood, LittleGreta. Is Hansel still alive thru that ordeal? Or was he spirit-cooked?

  5. Indeed… we might be looking to her Mother for the theft of Greta’s childhood.
    Malena Ernman an agent for the dark side, this poor confused child – tragic!

  6. Thank you for this. As a mother myself I would never allow my young daughter especially vulnerable young daughter to cross the ocean by herself and be placed in this truly unhealthy situation! Her parents and teachers who enabled and endorsed this without any concern for Greta’s well being is just horrible and for an autistic child this is mental and emotional abuse! All the adults involved should be ashamed of themselves!!

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