Obama, the Antichrist, and World War III behind the Moscow Terrorist Attacks

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Article by Leo Zagami

Former President Barack Obama dropped by No. 10 Downing St. for an “informal” meeting with United Kingdom Prime Minster Rishi Sunak on Monday, March 18, 2024. Obama’s spokesperson said the meeting was part of his visit to London with the Obama Foundation, the nonprofit founded in 2014 by the former president and his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, but there was something more to it. The surprise visit was made after Obama spoke at a technology festival in Belgium over the weekend and stopped at the Laeken Castle to see Belgium’s King Philippe and Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, both high-level members of the European Illuminati elite, to possibly celebrate a dark ritual with both. Obama did not post about the visit, although the Belgium Royal Palace posted a photo of the former president with the princess and king.

Regarding the Downing Street visit made by the former U.S. President, a spokesperson told The Hill that Obama and Sunak’s meeting was based on “a variety of issues, including international affairs and artificial intelligence (AI).”  Obama, 62, was tight-lipped about the reason for his surprise visit, and the British government said very little about the sit-down, although it had nothing to do with any of the current royal family issues. However, some well-informed sources say Obama might have gone to Downing Street for a far more sinister reason, planning the  deadliest attack in Russia since the 2004 Beslan school siege, when gunmen sprayed civilians with bullets just before Soviet-era rock group “Picnic” was to perform to a full house at the 6,200-seat Crocus City Hall, which is based just west of Moscow.

In 2016, Donald Trump clearly stated that President Barack Obama was the “founder of ISIS” and objected when a conservative radio show host tried to clarify the GOP nominee’s position,[1] so no wonder ISIS is now claiming responsibility for the attack in the busy Moscow-area concert venue that left at least 60 dead and over 100 injured.  In the meantime, while the Ukraine conflict rages on and rumors run rampant about France potentially deploying up to 2,000 troops to Ukraine, according to Russian intelligence, yesterday the US Army issued a “Utilization of the Army Retiree Recall Program.”

On March 20th, the US Army Publishing Directorate published ALARACT 017/2024.  The title of the form is “Utilization of the Army Retiree Recall Program” and it cites Executive Order 13223 under “References”. Executive Order 13223 is a Bush-era EO from September 14, 2001, entitled “Ordering the Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty and Delegating Certain Authorities to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Transportation.”

We are dangerously approaching full-scale World War III as I predicted in Volume 7 of my Confessions, and as I also wrote in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9“The horrors, as well as the paradoxes of living in the 3rd millennium, in this situation, are of course many, too many to even bother summing them up.”  Because “With those billions wasted on weapons, they could feed the entire world population for years, as FAO reports, as currently 828 million people on this planet are facing hunger which should be a priority.” 

Pierre Schill, the commander of France’s ground forces, said this week that it could command a 60,000-strong force in Ukraine and that troops would be ready if called upon.

With threats from Russia that any intervention in Ukraine could lead to wider global conflict, Newsweek reports that some have suggested that NATO is encouraging its member nations to stock supplies for WW3. A March 20 post on X, formerly known as Twitter, by commentator Ian Miles Cheong, which has 57,000 views, said: “NATO is now telling people to stock up on supplies in the event that WW3 begins tomorrow.[2]

Obama is one of the most visible servants of Satan in this day and age, but he knows the ultimate Antichrist is to be found in England, where Prince William is preparing to take on his role as I explained in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 8: From the Rise of the Antichrist To the Sound of the Devil and the Great Reset.

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[2] https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-did-nato-chief-tell-people-stock-supplies-ww3-1881983

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