Perfect Storm for the Davos Illuminati and their Great Reset Unfolding in Front of Our Eyes!

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Article by Leo Zagami

In my book, CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATI VOL. 7 From the Occult Roots of the Great Reset to the Populist roots of the Great Reject, I wrote:

          The Great Reset is upon us, and the powers that be and the Vatican, who are at the top of the pyramid of the New World Order, are ready for 2030.

Explaining that:

         When the Davos Illuminati elite says, “Great Reset” they are saying, “Great Re-Set” which means “Great King Set,” or even better, “Great King Satan,” as the Latin word for “king” is “rex” that later became “Re,” and “Set” in Italian, and is, of course, Satan. 

And that “In this context”: 

         Set, also known as Seth and Sutekh, was the Egyptian god of war, chaos, and storms….

Such a storm is now upon us. All its elements clearly point to an orchestrated intention; in other words, it cannot be an accident. And the intention we discern in the current historical moment, the underlying plan, would appear to lay the ground for what has been called a “techno-totalitarian digital dark age,” associated with the Club of Rome, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum, that is, what has come to be known as the Great Reset — the corporate takeover of property, health, currency, travel, energy, and sustenance that will facilitate the complete Satanic takeover of our reality with the arrival of the infamous Mark of the Beast.

The upshot involves a thorough restructuring of democratic society along neo-medieval lines, an elimination of the middle class, a two-tier political order, and a reduction of the global census.

David Solway of describes the sinister elements composing this storm in the following way:

  • The imposition of a viral pandemic and its official response — lockdowns, social distancing, masks, quarantines, medical apartheid — that effectively closed down the public life and economic structures of entire nations, leading to loss of livelihoods, physical and psychological illness, and spiraling suicide rates.
  • The mandating of novel genomic “vaccines” that are creating mass casualties, as witnessed in the phenomenon of SADS — Sudden Adult Death Syndrome — which came into prominence post-vaccine. The plethora of dissuasive “fact-checks” on social media and the Internet are further signs that we are living in an age of censorship. The correlation between SADS and the vaccine rollout is overwhelming and may even suggest a causal link. The massive rise in stillbirths may also be attributed to the vaccines.
  • A “climate change” policy entailing carbon taxes, bans on fertilizers, the shutting down of standard energy production, the marketing of costly and inefficient electric vehicles that threaten to deplete the power grid, and the legislating of largely unworkable and extortionate green renewables based on insecure and fabricated science and dodgy computer models, whose effect has been to impoverish both producers and ordinary citizens in bringing about a new and despotic dispensation.
  • Supply chain disruptions.
  • Government-induced food and fuel shortages.
  • Rampant inflation, pricing the necessities of life beyond the ability of vast numbers of people to afford them.
  • The official insistence on so-called “abortion rights.”
  • The focus on and pursuit of LGBTQ+, “non-binary,” transgender, and sexual indoctrination of preschoolers and minors, creating a growing cohort of human beings who do not reproduce, i.e., a condition of sterility.
  • The proposed creation of a cashless digital economy and the introduction of digital ID with the aim of establishing a China-style social credit system, depriving the individual of personal freedom and discretionary choice.
  • The initiating of proxy wars, as in Ukraine, further resulting in crippling forms of material scarcity, economic pain, and population stress.

All these factors are occurring at the same time, that is, they are components of a perfect storm brought to bear on the global community — or, more accurately, on the community of Western nations. (“Civilization states” like Russia, China, and India, are largely immune to the concerted onslaught.)

For this reason, I also described in Volume 7, how the Jesuit/ Illuminati elite is moving towards a New Chinese World Order:

         …the American military-industrial complex has erected an empire unsurpassed in history, but things are changing on the horizon, and not looking good for Uncle Sam, as the powerful members of the Jesuit/ Illuminati elite, are preparing to switch to the New Chinese World Order with the help of Russia.

This Great Reset, for the Illuminati is “the perfect storm” because like David Solway writes:

         One cannot credibly deny that there exists a conscious purpose behind so evident a concatenation of simultaneous events, envisaging a new and reductionist world order and population diminishment in every sense of the term. The liberal civilization of the West is to be replaced by an anti-capitalist global coup favoring a totalitarian governing class. Indeed, to change the metaphor, what is impending is a kind of “mass extinction event” on the level of culture, state, and civilization, a kind of ideological asteroid or “planet killer,” orbiting very close to the future.

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