Italy is selling out to China this week with the Pope’s blessing, of course!


Article by Leo Zagami


Tomorrow, Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive in Rome. Italy is expected to join the Chinese global trade infrastructure program despite the many reservations of other European countries and U.S. president Donald J.Trump. Chinese President Xi Jinping is working closely with the Vatican and the Italian Illuminati who have created the Five Star Movement to obtain such goals. The Five Star Movement and the League form today’s Italian government.

The Chinese president is set to visit Italy to receive the signatures needed for an ambitious “Belt and Road” investment program that will open Italian ports to China’s European invasion. Of course, Italy and China share a common history, often associated with the Jesuits and the Vatican, that made Italy the traditional landing place for the maritime Silk Route since ancient times, but let’s remember that the transport, logistics, and infrastructure facilities offered now to the Chinese could be used in the future to control and manipulate Italy’s corrupt establishment that has been selling out to the Chinese Communists for a long time.

In the ’50s and early ’60s, the Italian Communist Party (ICP) was one of the main players involved in informal and unconventional diplomacy between Italy and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In the absence of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the presence in Italy of the largest Communist party in Western Europe undoubtedly acted as an important channel for an unofficial Sino-Italian exchange that is also linked with the Vatican Jesuits that have been involved in the creation of the Five Star Movement (M5S).

It has been seven years since a Chinese president visited Italy, and Jinping’s first visit will bring him to Rome and Palermo, before flying to Monaco and, with Italy being without a doubt the most important part of his European trip. Xi Jinping is expected to visit the Quirinal Palace, the Altar of the Fatherland, the Madama Palace and the Business Forum among other important stops of his Italian tour.

However, it is his visit to Villa Madama on Saturday morning and the one to the Vatican that is likely to grab media headlines in the upcoming days. Xi Jinping will receive the blessing of Pope Francis after a substantial donation, and will also meet with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte a Jesuit agent, to almost certainly sign the controversial Memorandum of Understanding.

It was revealed earlier this month that Italy was prepared to break European Union ranks and move against U.S. advice, by becoming the latest nation to subscribe to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The modern silk road vision is one of an infrastructure network that would connect Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as a means of promoting trade and growth across the continents, but could also be used for a future military invasion of Europe by the Chinese Communists.

Prime Minister Conte, who is controlled by the Five Star Movement, spoke yesterday in support of this project as reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano, Conte said:“The economic-commercial focus is totally legitimate. It is justified precisely in light of our national interests: we can enhance our export to what is an enormous market.”

He went on to assure the nation that it is not a deal that will create any juridical links between the two countries, and Italy would continue to be completely transparent in what the deal might entail. However, many in the EU and even Italy have reservations about the project, seeing it as a way for Beijing to extend economic and political control beyond its geographical borders. Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini from the Northern League, said on Thursday he will firmly oppose any Memorandums of Understanding with China if he considers they compromise National Security.

Matteo Salvini has raised particular concerns about the spread of telecommunications networks like Huawei that are still widely used in Italy, and whether Italy would retain control or simply become a modern-day Chinese colony as we have seen with many African countries in recent years.

Rome and the Vatican will be placed on high alert for the duration of Xi Jinping’s stay, and it is thought that around 3,500 members of the police force will be deployed to ensure the safety of the Chinese president regarded as very important by the Vatican Illuminati and the Jesuits. Italy is truly selling out to the Chicoms and Pope Francis and the Jesuit are behind this dangerous project that will bring us one step closer to the New World Order.



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