The Masons of California and their Buddies Prefer to Help Ukraine Than Their Increasingly Poor State

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Article by Leo Zagami

According to the California Poverty Measure (CPM), 16.4% of Californians (about 6.3 million) lacked enough resources—$35,600 per year for a family of four, on average—to meet basic needs in 2019, and in 2020, the China virus increased poverty due to severely constrained employment opportunities result of the never-ending lockdowns imposed by Governor Newsom. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, California’s homeless population increased by 7% from 2020 to 2021. About 8,000 families and 12,000 children were homeless in California last year. In Los Angeles, their number spiked by 45.7%. But for the Masons of California, the world’s largest fraternal organization, the people of Californian in need are less relevant than Ukrainians as they recently presented a gift of $76,500 to the International Committee of the Red Cross to provide support and relief to Ukrainian citizens. The total includes gifts from individual Masons throughout California, as well as contributions from lodges and the California Masonic Foundation.

The Grand Lodge of California is headquartered in San Francisco, California stated that this gift from the Masons of California will go specifically toward providing this vital support to civilians of Ukraine as they continue their fight for freedom against Russian forces and this marks the first time that three Masonic jurisdictions have come together to present such a gift. Grand Master Jeffrey M. Wilkins of the Grand Lodge of California, Jean-Claude Zambelli, the sovereign grand commander of the Supreme Council of the “All-Gender Freemason Obedience with Lodges in the USA and Canada” called George Washington Union Grand Lodge, in theory, an irregular Masonic body inspired by the Grand Orient de France that supported the birth of this initiative in 1977, and Grand Master David San Juan of the prevalently black Most Worshipful Prince Hall Masons of California, Inc., were in attendance to present the check and affirm their commitment and solidarity to Ukraine.

“Charity and relief are cherished values of Freemasons everywhere, and as Masons, we are committed to helping those in need in all communities,” said Grand Master Jeffrey M. Wilkins, grand master of the Masons of California. “This gift to the International Committee of the Red Cross will provide important services for the Ukrainian people in their darkest hour.”

But regardless of the words of the Grand Lodge of California, this is a political decision.

Let’s hope the next check by the California Masons is signed for the many people of the State of California who are increasingly in need and becoming poor because of the stupid policies of their Governor, who are just as bad if not worse than the ones of Joe Biden who continues to send money and weapons to Ukraine.

I decided not to join the Grand Lodge of California after moving to California in 2019, mainly because I found them to not respect one of the basic rules of Freemasonry, being that the discussion of religion and politics must always be banned. However, a former Grand Master openly criticized former President Donald J. Trump, and California Freemasons seem to be judged increasingly for their political beliefs in the Grand Lodge of California, where you can get balloted out of a lodge for your conservative stand (like myself), or simply for wearing a MAGA hat outside the lodge. A basic principle in Freemasonry is to be respectful and fair to everyone but that is not the case it seems for the Masons of California who are a lost cause these days.

In the meantime, dangerous Satanic sects like the Ordo Templi Orientis, and other even more secretive ones, continue to wave their occult influence on the Masonic institution all over California, prefers to help Ukrainians rather than Californians in need like a senior Freemason from Arizona who wrote to me “That money could have been donated to a food bank for example.”.

So mote it be.

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