SHOCKING: The Truth About Rome on Fire and Pope Francis not being the Real Pope!

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Article by Leo Zagami

In the last few days, there has been lot of talk in the “alternative media” about the latest fire to hit Rome, claiming falsely it was linked to the Vatican, but this was only the last of a series of fires that involved the Italian capital in the last few weeks. The latest is believed to have originated in a park and then spread to several junkyards, with a large black cloud of smoke that could be seen across the city. The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri said “there was certainly the hand of man” behind the recent spate of fires in the Italian capital, describing the situation as “very difficult, very serious,” because these fires have a political connotation, not a religious one. The main suspects are the estimated 150,000 gypsies that have many of their encampments on the outskirts of cities such as Rome. 

Usually, the local authorities let the gypsies continue their many illegal activities in exchange for favors that have included murders, drugs, and kidnapping of political enemies, but in May and June of this year many representatives of the Casamonica Clan were arrested, and their belongings confiscated, triggering revenge by the Gypsy mafia who now want to set all of Rome on fire.

In 2015 a Hollywood-style funeral of a Casamonica crime boss that shocked the world – replete with a gilded horse-drawn carriage, flower petals tossed from a helicopter, and the theme music from The Godfather that could be heard playing outside the church.

However, disinformation runs rampant as usual in the still-existing QAnnon Psychological Operation (PSYOPS) movement that I have exposed in my latest book (See Confessions of an Illuminati Vol.7), claiming the so-called “White Hats” are “continuing to clean up the DUMBS Globally” stating the fires are connected to 4 mysterious underground hot spots currently surrounding Vatican City where these idiots claim, without any evidence, that there is a tunnel that runs almost in a direct line to Jerusalem.  Can you get more stupid?

The length of the tunnel these disinformation agents talk about is given as approximately 1,500 miles, so it should cut through both land and water. Starting from Vatican City, for the first 150 miles, (241 km) they claim a tremendous amount of gold is to be found stacked 13 levels high, but now the QAnnon disinfo operative claim that 650 airplanes were required to carry all the gold that was brought out of the tunnel to Fort Knox. 

I invite my readers who believe this nonsense to focus on the real shocking information coming out of the Vatican in the last couple of days, being the final admission made by Pope Francis, that if he resigns, he will retire as Bishop Emeritus of Rome and not Pope, in the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran in Rome that was founded in 313 under emperor Constantine the Great.

This is a very indicative move because Pope Francis is not retiring as a pope like his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, now known by the title “Pope Emeritus” after his resignation, but as a bishop, confirming once again he was never a real pope.

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