SHOCKING: Pope Francis Goes Full Communist! Sharing Property is not Communism but pure Christianity!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Only a few days after Pope Francis pushed for “the regeneration of existing institutions “and “global governance” because we are “in debt to nature itself, as well as the people and countries affected by human-induced ecological degradation and biodiversity loss.” Here we go again with more leftist propaganda for the Great anti-Christian Reset by the Jesuit Pope. 

Pope Francis left the Vatican this morning to celebrate Mass in the nearby church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia in the center of Rome where a group of prisoners and inmates were also present at the celebration as well as some so-called ”refugees” from the Middle East. So this was the ideal stage for a Communist/Globalist stunt by the Communist Pope.

During the Mass Pope Francis commented on Acts 4:32 that says: “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.”

In a statement that promotes Communism Bergoglio stated to a rather puzzled congregation that sharing ownership “is not communism, but it is pure Christianity.” 

The Pope obviously stated this not for the love for the Gospels or Jesus Christ’s way of life, but in preparation of the infamous ”Great Reset” announced last year by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Klaus Schwab, who founded the WEF in 1971.

The projections of the WEF’s “Global Future Councils,” state that people would have to rent and borrow their necessities from the state, which would be the sole proprietor of all goods. The supply of goods would be rationed in line with a social credit points system. Shopping in the traditional sense would disappear along with the private purchases of goods. Every personal move would be tracked electronically, and all production would be subject to the requirements of clean energy and a sustainable environment and this is what Pope Francis and the Catholic Church are promoting today.

In this nightmarish new world that the Pope and the New World Order are setting up for us, there would be no private ownership of  houses, nor would anyone pay rent, because someone else will be using our free space whenever we do not need it! A person’s living room, for example, might be used for business meetings when one is absent, but in exchange you would have free access to transportation, accommodation, food, and all the things we need in our daily lives, but remember, you will own nothing! So what do the Old Testament and the New Testament have to say about private property? As It turns out, quite a lot. The Bible upholds the importance of owning and being able to use private property. It is especially wrong to steal or to covet someone else’s property. Strictly speaking, all property is owned by the Lord.

Moreover, the controversial passage in Acts 4:32 does not constitute an exception to this, as the early believers retained private property while being generous with their possessions. They voluntarily shared what they had through what seems to have been a temporary arrangement not a permanent one like the Pope and his Davos friends are trying to impose on us because the Bible’s central principles are consistent with a market economy, commonly called capitalism. Furthermore, the Bible’s central principles also contradict a centrally-planned economy, often referred to as socialism.

Capitalism is an economic system that largely allows markets to allocate scarce resources through prices, property rights, and profit/loss signals.

Socialism is a system under which the government owns the means of production. The government uses coercive taxation and wealth distribution to allocate resources. The government also makes decisions over property, prices, and production. Incidentally, Communism is a progression from socialism. It is both a political and economic system that would abolish private property and give to individuals based on need, just like Pope Francis and WEF want. Such a project is anti-Christian and in line with the coming age of the Antichrist.


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5 thoughts to “SHOCKING: Pope Francis Goes Full Communist! Sharing Property is not Communism but pure Christianity!”

  1. Steve Quayle and Henry Grueber- Russia nukes USA vision

    Biden is libtarded and Russia isn’t fucking around. Get off the coasts. The special forces and all parties that need to know must reverse engineer this threat. Only if they weren’t doing it on purpose 🤷‍♂️. Steve Quayle’s vision says the Midwest is protected by a force field of volcanic magma that halts the Chinese invasion in its tracks

    1. I also think the 3/25 for the immaculate conception is an obvious nod towards the creation of the Catholic Church with Constantine in I think 325 ad. I’ve seen enough evidence to see that Christmas and Easter and i know Halloween are pagan holidays. I also question the rosary Rona much lesser extent- per the verse praying like pagans. Also the sabbath is Saturday. If I’m wrong on these correct me. I think it’s necessary for the Christians to test there own beliefs that may be false and definitely reject the false prophet in the Vatican before its too late. Global warming is the inversion of the rainbow. Q is the inversion of Steve Quayle. Kaepernick is the inversion of Tebow kneeling. Russia collusion is China collusion. Etc. the left is just moving the ball with a satanic agenda and the media and inverting everything they can

      I know you love Trump. Personally I have pulled my support. I love David Knights opinions on the subject. Warp speed is a non starter and it would be the definition of insanity to run the same play again ceteris paribus to sound smart.

      I recommended Flynn and it some traction though the infowars team is fully behind Trump for the most part though obviously he was better than Biden and that was the calculation and now Biden is the problem and we may not get a 2024 election

      The key is getting there before war/ civil war and idk if that’s possible. Biden is libtarded and Putin isn’t fucking around. Like I said.

      On Flynn I’ve heard he’s a democrat and his involvement with q is highly suspect.

      I’m also a big fan of Rep Greene and I think she got swatted down by the GOP for the America first caucus when that’s exactly what we need. Our version of the blue check mark to signify who we the people support.

      My spiritual advisor has seen visions of the angels guarding the coasts that I just found out were in Washington’s vision at valley forge. God will protect his people.

      God bless

  2. A question I had was the prohibition on pork. I thought Peters vision override all the restrictions on animals. Just watched the unholy see for the first time…the turkey leaders name that is the anagram for the dragon is interesting. Obama would be disappointing. How then would the corrupt kings and the son of perdition he interpreted in that context?

  3. Something I thought of…just like the fallen angels tried to mess up the bloodline to Jesus that I learned through Steve Quayle videos- nuking New York City could eliminate a good portion of the 144k. Big Jew hub from what I understand right? I’d we warn them now and I feel we must. We need to evacuate NYC.

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