Soros and the UN plan to Make Family Values Obsolete

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Article by Leo Zagami 


The offensive against “traditional” family values carried out by large international organizations and financial tycoons connected to the Jesuit-driven New World Order continues.  Politically correct at all costs, the ideology that binds the progressive world of the left is based on multiculturalism and borderless immigration. It also wants to pass the use of new vocabulary, as can be seen from a new post published on the official social networks of the United Nations (UN).

Anyone who is perceived as rude in the COVID-1984 world is systematically labeled as a homophobe, racist, or male chauvinist. “What you say matters! Join UN Women to help create a fairer world using gender-neutral language if you are unsure of someone’s sex or refer to a group” reads a post that accompanies a small summary table of the terms “neutral” to be used by the UN. No longer we will be able to use the word “mankind” but instead will use humanity“, just as it is better to employ a generic “partner” instead of the potentially offensive “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. What they call old and archaic terms are also banned – always according to a progressive mindset – as “husband” and “wife” are also to be replaced with “spouse”.

All of the above is published on the United Nations website and promoted by UN Women, the United Nations (UN) agency for gender equality and women’s empowerment. The UN chooses the abolition of the terms husband and wife in favor of the neutral spouse to please this “fluid” society” of brainwashed Millenials.

But the offensive against family values passes through a targeted campaign financed by multi-billionaire tycoons like George Soros, who is eager to promote several articles on the abolition of family on the global information portal Open Open Democracy is also funded by entities such as the Ford Foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations that has published several editorials against the family.

Radical feminist Sophie Lewis, for example, has published on OpenDemocracy an article entitled “The coronavirus crisis shows that it is time to abolish the family unit” because in her sick eyes it helps the spread of the virus between young and old people. According to Lewis, the coronavirus crisis shows how necessary it is to rethink “obsolete and inadequate family structures”, proceeding with the “abolition of the family”.

Such statements testify where the politically correct obsession and the insanity of the globalists can go. Soros and the U.N. must be stopped!



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