The Illuminati Cards and the Political Instrumentalization of Murder with Many Secrets

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Article by Leo Zagami 


There is a lot of “strange” elements in this sad episode of injustice surrounding the apparent death of George Floyd. First of all, Maya Santamaria, a former club owner in South Minneapolis went on record yesterday with an interview saying that the now-fired police officer Derek Chauvinand George Floyd,who died in his custody on Monday, both worked security for her club, the El Nuevo Rodeo club on Lake Street until the end of last year.  Santamaria said to the local ABC affiliate that she did not recognize initially either one of her security guards in the video showing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck that happened not far from where they both used to work.

At the beginning “My friend sent me (the video) and said this is your guy who used to work for you and I said, ‘It’s not him.'”

 But viewed close up, Santamaria recognized him, “Oh my God, that’s him,’” she said. “I didn’t recognize George as one of our security guys because he looked really different lying there like that.”

Both men were employed for the whole of 2019, according to Santamaria, who sold the club still in existence at the end of last year. Floyd was one of the bouncers inside the club while Chauvin now charged with a third-degree murder of his ex-colleague worked mainly outside. “Chauvin was our off-duty police for almost the entirety of the 17 years that we were open,” Santamaria told KSTP-TV, the ABC affiliate news station in Minneapolis.

Nobody knows with absolute certainty how well they knew each other, but “They were working together at the same time; it’s just that Chauvin worked outside and the security guards were inside,”Santamaria said and Andrea Jenkins, the vice president of the Minneapolis City Council later confirmed Santamaria’s words and said: “They were coworkers for a very long time.”

 As Alex Jones said during his show on Friday, bouncers are often known to push drugs inside clubs, but there might also be sentimental reasons behind this murder, who knows, the two might have had a homosexual relationship. We need a much more in depth investigation because police departments have tried to ban, or severely limit in the past the use of chokeholds and neck restraints, but in in this case Chauvin and his colleague were “strangely” allowed to use such techniques that, unfortunately,led to the death of George Floyd.

Now the leftist mayor of Minneapolis has imposed a curfew after the county prosecutor finally charged Derek Chauvin, but something strange happened before Gov. Tim Walz, who is another leftist democrat, activated the state’s National Guard, that incredibly enough did not intervene to stop the destruction of the third police precinct on Thursday night.

Officially, demonstrators breached a door and entered the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct station after igniting several fires in the area that eventually destroyed the police station, but something odd happened earlier. A now viral video shows a mysterious man in all black with an umbrella and pink gas mask smashing windows at the Auto Zone near the police station just before it was lit on fire. A protester confronted the man, who became hostile and quickly walked away while being asked if he was a cop.

The Saint Paul Police Department is now disputing the claim that one of their officers, Jacob Pederson, was caught on camera breaking out windows at a Minneapolis Auto Zone shortly before it was lit on fire, but on Thursday evening the Twitter account @GypsyEyedBeauty tweeted out a series of screenshots that claimed the man was is in fact Officer Pederson.  The caption read, “Here are screenshots from his ex wife confirming this is him, along with his photo.”

Allegedly Pederson’s ex-wife claims he was working the fires. She goes on to write, “That’s my gas mask. THE GLOVES TOO. HOLY SHIT MEAN IM SHAKING.”

There are two cards from the legendary 90s Illuminati card game made by Steve Jackson Games (SJG) that comes to mind in this situation. One is the NEW WORLD ORDER Law and Order card showing the police using excessive force, and the other is Emergency Powers that shows a black man pressed on the back of his neck on the ground by a person in military uniform. Let’s remember, that the events foretold in the 1995 Illuminati Card Game describe the rise of the Antichrist and his kingdom in all aspects. Remember, this card game was created from 1990-1995 so the author knew of these specific events almost three decades ago. This card game reveals the final climactic steps of the Illuminist plan to produce the Antichrist.

emergency power

After all, police officers and National Guard stood by for hours while their police station burned before they intervened, only to arrest a black journalist, live on CNN. They want to ignite a race war with the help of Satanists like Rev. Al Sharpton and they want to sabotage Trump’s re-election. So we need to expose the lies of the New World Order and the Illuminati before it is too late, and stop these riots that are worsening an already dramatic economic situation due to the plandemic.


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5 thoughts to “The Illuminati Cards and the Political Instrumentalization of Murder with Many Secrets”

  1. Hello Leo,
    Sorry if I’ve commented in the wrong place, but I thought you would want to see this info;
    The cop Chauvin is a crisis actor!! Boston bombing and his cop friends?

    We love watching you and even with the bad news, you really cheer us up! Love your sense of humour or is it just your personality? I am waiting for you to tell us what payment arrangements you have made instead of using PayPal…..
    I have posted your latest link about the George Floyd case on YouAreFreetv..

    Stay safe and well,

  2. (Am jagging off your hint that homosexuality may have been the friction that sparked the match.)

    Was not the Nazi Party, in part, born from clobbering together a couple of homosexual “clubs”; a (Catholic?) Bavarian version of decadent Weimar Berlin. Of course, as always, motared by Occult sperm. Occultism, sacramental homosexuality and perpetual revolution as the mechanics in distributing power: bound as one as a Roman faggot. Here is the perfect tool/bludgeon to weld societal and population control. Always throughout history, in variant form, the constant threat

    That this police officer and his victim knew each other – and, that, via their employment at a bar/club – explains the bodily moves and facial expressions of the officer. They have something of the liturgical about them. His movements and expressions can be described as “following the rubrics”.

    (That such a subduing technique is permissible – so we care told- in the Minneapolis PD is besides the point. When done – when all is aligned – the liturgical function overrides, and overwrites.)

    In addition – returning to our point – the exhibition of such raw forcible bodily interference – dare we say, penetration – is typical (is of the nature) of homosexuality; that is, homosexuality in its purest, its most unadulterated (by anything of the female) form.

    I fault your hint! The clip may have captured more than a quick viewing let’s on. I have seen this before.

    Without tagging either man this or that, the look on that officer’s face – and his mastery of the event, in such a hostile public *space* – is one one frequently encounters in the *gay bear* habitats of California’s Russian River, or the *inner sanctum* rooms off Folsom Street in San Francisco. The officer performed well, all the while suborning his attendant officers to his *working* the man over. Power, raw and unbound, expects to be handled expertly as it binds the subdued – maybe itself – by laws and rubrics pulled and weaved from its own wound up narcissistic mining of itself.

    The officer’ gaze, utterly fearless in his carved out space, taunted the unruly crowd: The power to bind and unbind is all mine.

    Sex, raw and unbound, is like this, too, weaving laws of its own making in the backrooms off Folsom Street. Balled up power demands invented rubrics for its liturgical unwinding.

    Yes, true, in groves off the Russian River or Folsom Street backrooms most of the sexual liturgical work may be theatrical, but that doesn’t diminish its iconography, what it is a window to. The ocular mother taproot still nourishes its looking out, its sightlines.

    What’s clearly in sight is a fundamental law: The calling down of death upon (lifeless) sex, collapsing it into pure raw sexual liturgics, is the high priestly work of homosexuality.

    At bottom, homosexuality is occult anger towards Creator God, and his great falling fault. The great height God fell from when he yanked a rib from Adam’s side without nary a thought of making another Adam; but, instead, choosing to create Woman to balance, to counter, to counterbalance first created Man.

    A replica Adam would have given the original Adam the mandate – not to give and replenish (as a good wife always reminds a good man) – but to take and possess; and in that, possess by depositing his calling, his strength to co-create, into the wasteland of another man’s body; burying the very icon of God, he is, in entrails *worked* over, exhausted by death.

    The above is not homophobic (whatever in the Hell that is). Isn’ t. Can’t, not when truth is touched upon.

    Am now in my seventh decade. In my late teens I was – how should I put it – a boy-whore in L. A. Manned the curb at Hollywood & Vine long enough to know that with every Bentley and Mercedes, prowling down from Brentwood and Bel Aire, death sat in the back seat. And, with what one was paid to do, one could count on death to game the sexual *working*. The rubrics of whoredom never vary.

    Watching that video clip. Took only a second or two. Cop on the neck of black man. Razor straight gaze at the onlookers. HANDS IN POCKET. Fellow officer acolyte(ing) the space with HANDS IN POCKET. I knew. I had seen that look before. A den in Brentwood. An inner sanctum room off Folsom Street.

    Even if your speculative hint was meant as a toss away line it did prod this associative men of: something meant to surface, to be reconfigured according to the law of God’s grace and judgment. This is occurring with rapacious frequency, of late. I must be soon departing.


  3. Thank you Sir

    I have three of your books and I am reading “The Age of Cyber Satan currently.

    I have a couple things I would like to run past you.

    Based on my understanding Isreal would have to destroy the Dome of The Rock in order to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. So shouldn’t the US rebuke Isreal? I know the US needs to rebuke the Baphomet statues from our own midst. I think we have the best opportunity as a nation and as a military to fight this evil off.

    I think mandatory vaccines need to be unconstitutional

    5g needs to be paused and we need to go two steps back on AI

    I think if the US could secure its borders and get supply chains going we could drop care packages like Mana from the sky…I would be a nice chance from dropping bombs. To me their might be some cause to drop bombs. I’m still reading David Icke as well. However, I don’t think just War doctrine is going to fly this time.

    We are blind from 9/11 by responding with a 20 year war. Don’t let 9/11 be the gate to Solomon’s Temple. The next attack or ArchDuke scenario probably has to do with Isreal invading the Dome of the Rock.

    I’ve seen signs to believe the light over it was real. I still pray for clarity.

    America is the back to back world war champs.

    I question how stable China is? There’s an American film Space Jam that could be made live action. Space Jam 2 is already in filming. Lebron James nickname is “King James”. I think he’s a good guy not a Satanist using the inverse type scenario. It would also be his flu game in reference to Michael Jordan. God has blessed my I literally know the directors God-son. I’m trying to leverage Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church to use their 100 billion war chest to save the third world. Romney has also been playing both sides as liberalism is an ad-populum and people want to please people not God. Trump needs to be elected.

    I would like to know your opinion on Elon. I think absolute power corrupts and I think we should stop the 42k satellites. Other than that he has a lot of fruits.

    I also know a lot of Mormons and to be honest they do more evangelical work then anyone. Their families are really nice people. I haven’t been to their services but we played basketball in their Church back in high school.

    I also know some influential people with his ear. I’m trying to wake them up. They are very smart. I just don’t know what will happen. I’m here for a reason.

    I think the NBA could play in China and stabilize the region. It would be an olive branch not a Trojan horse. We need to show the Chinese people we don’t want to fight them. If it’s Revelations we might be fucked. But hey Apple had the first computer 666.66 50 years ago and we are still alive. Raise the average to 2160. The average length of an age.

    Covid-19 or Lib-tard-19 is the perfect crime because people don’t understand the connectivity to God issue. The Old Testament reveals sin. The light is in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. The coolest thing I’ve heard is Jesus walking on water is like calming the winds and waves of your mind. Why is this not taught. Everyone has access. People aren’t seeking. We’ve been living in this bubble where the fear of God is diminished and scientific advancement thinks it has surpassed God. I know Aslan is moving. I see the Georgia guide-stones paralleled to CS Lewis the Last Battle. Or maybe a stretch the 10 commandments. My fraternity brothers include the son of the President of NBC in New York. I’ve been trying to convince him. Literal salt of the earth. Truth watered down though. Simpson’s NBC was the first guy to get it so praying for a conversion. Free ticket to Heaven. My best friends uncle is the President of the USA swimming and diving team. Good friends with Romney. Trying to help. I know they are aware and I’m trying to prove my credibility I just don’t know how serious people who don’t confess with their lips that Jesus is Christ taking the mark of the Beast. The Denial of the Cross is denying the third world dying while he have plastic bag bans… Greta is a child soldier. I’d still bet on Macron if they create a natural disaster crisis and leverage a global warming police state…after all we had Covid for a carbon tax. I agree false pretenses. Jesus I trust in you. They think more third world countries get developed then more carbon emissions. They don’t know God controls the weather. The sound you allude to makes sense. Do you ears ring with promises of the Lord? Even Harvard says something about that. I think most medicine hasn’t been cured because people don’t know the truth. Band aids not cures.

    I have an idea to unite the Church. Decentralized counter to social credit score. Quantify health finance and academics and make baseball card son the back of Instagram. I met a guy who was inside the Vatican library and he called it the Go Fund me for 501-c. Now it could be this other project. I’m not sure which ideas are the plan just proposals.

    We need to teach people how to fish. Raise third world countries to first world. If we make it ten years we could have peace. Maybe I’m naive to evil or maybe I know God wins in the end.

    Essentially stop quantifying the bullshit of Covid and starts quantifying actual statistics. Raise the average IQ by showing the connectivity to God. Now I’ve been warped I’ve been in the darkness that’s why I know that Project Warp Speed hasn’t read the Book of Titus. Trump doesn’t know how significant coming out in against vaccines is. They just think it’s a commercial opportunity. Now this first wave might not be the mark. But it is a very dangerous precedent. We need to open supply chains in America and focus the efforts of WW2 from bomb making to care packages.

    My mentor was the Midwest Aviation recruiter for the USMC. I’ve been sending him Info Wars. I don’t know if he wants to believe it.

    I still think Macron is the guy. I think your comment on him failing was hilarious.

    I was at Lalapalooza the year the Las Vegas shooter was there and felt his presence. I made my peace. I tried to rationalize it and the only thing I could think is we were getting nuked. Regardless of if this is Revelations because no one know the day or the hour…it is soon to be Apocalypse Now in the third world if we don’t combat evil. Renovate Guantanamo.

    I would appreciate and criticism or feedback.

    God bless

    1. I also was wondering on your take on the Crypto Jews. Because when I did research on David Ickes mention the Zetti guy in was a close link on Wikipedia. I would like to think it’s not the end so I want to make a smart move financially by getting out of the dollar because I think they are trying to collapse the dollar. It’s only really backed by the US military. On the other hand I think we might as well do a 56 trillion dollar spending plan and save the 130 million people. If abundance is elevated enough. Again we have the potential to use AI as a net positive for humanity if we don’t use it for evil. The Nuke was used for a bomb instead of sustainable energy.

      The AI threat being the images is spot on. We are allowing the world to govern us on social media. We could have decentralized currency and live by peacefully in theory. I get that once the nuke was in the playing field the US had to be the police force. I just question the necessity of our Wars.

      The Covid numbers and the debt clock numbers should be replaced with starvation numbers. Most people can’t handle that simple truth because they would have to change their actions. And they think there’re gonna live till 80 so they can find God later.

      If we retire before we raise the third world we forfeit our soul in my opinion. People will take the mark because it will be the next IPhone evolution.

      That thing where the robot said destroy humans was a false flag in my opinion. They programmed that. We are no where close to super intelligence. Smoke and Mirrors. Wizard of Oz scenario. Just got to call it for what it is the same way. People have to be honest about the connectivity with God. The thing is they will attack you.

      Seems like the easiest war to win in theory. Just seems like we are losing. If we don’t have big arrests and quell the rebellion literally America is fucked. They are grooming AOC for President and she already holds the world by her balls. Honestly. Same thing with Greta…the enemy uses child soldiers. Lies. Literally Prager U is like yeah climate change bs. People are just truth deniers and they hate Trump for not being PC. Painted him as A Nazi when the project. Even Instagram influencers rarely encourage…most just follow the Church of positivity which only seeks to water down truth and appease tyranny.

      I think Greitens from Missouri was a President. They hold him to sexual immorality but commit abominations. It’s all selective morality.

      I wanted to back Cuban because he could do “Make College Basketball Great Again and do the Space Jam 2 op”. The way I see it an omniscient God sees everything thing in our hearts and mind. And a tyrannical government has the highlight films to prove it. Might as well script it like a movie make the Matrix live action. All who enter into the Matrix are mine. I understand the movie itself might not be sound doctrine but what is. It’s about results. Why is the Church so divided if we all follow Christ. The evil part is the are trying to make the Church the state eliminating free will playing God. When your suppose to make the state the Church. That’s why America has abundance New is we aligned with God. We have to realize he can’t deny himself by if we don’t recognize the third world in this hour. One day is like a thousand hours. And he rose on the the day right.? Again 2160 raise the average. Tesla 3-6-9 2160. I think even Gates show signs of the fruits maybe in a corrupt system. Are they inherently evil or dontjey not know what their doing? So we forgive them. Obviously Gates himself should be in Guantanamo for humanities safety.

      I’m saying it’s either Jesus I trust in you or I was following orders in America. It’s looking like Brazil is our best ally. Now I’ve only heard of the seventh region. The CIA hasn’t been responding to my texts. I just want people to consider it.

      It only takes a few good men. If we stabilize China and don’t give Isreal cause to slaughter Palestine and we don’t keep big tech in check then it’s just a matter of policing for nukes. I don’t see any scenario where dropping a nuke should be advised especially when all we have down is sir on our ass for the last four months pussified and pacified as a nation. All we have to do is go to a baseball game and roll the dice we survive Covid to get the economy rolling. You could even make it a volunteer all star season to kick off the season. Same way Space Jam 2 could have Uncle Drew’s as CIA officers and journalists.

      God bless again

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