COVID-19 Wrath of God hits the Vatican and the Church where they sang the Marxist Anthem last Christmas

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Article by Leo Zagami 


Today, the Pope’s precarious health condition possibly connected to a case of COVID-19, became even more obvious to the entire world when he confirmed to thousands of his faithful gathered in St.Peters Square for the first Sunday of Lent,  that he has a bad cold, and will not participate to the scheduled week of spiritual exercises taking place annually in Ariccia near Rome.

The Pope’s unprecedented decision was anticipated by the authoritative Argentine Infobae,based in Buenos Aires, that talked about a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of the disease. On top of that, another important Catholic website dedicated to the affairs of the Holy See, Il Sismografo,wrote on the 1st of March that the Vatican has quarantined several people this weekend in compliance with the new rules and regulations issued by the Lazio region of Italy, after news spread of the return of various priests and laicity from the affected areas in Northern Italy who might have infected Pope Francis.

It seems that The Wrath of God is falling heavily on the enemies of the Church even outside of the Vatican, at the infamous Church of St. Louis of the French, a Roman Catholic church in the center of Rome, not far from Piazza Navona, where I pointed out in my latest book, the Marxist Anthem “Bella Ciao” was sung during the Christmas festivities of December 2019.

We are glad to report that the Church in question was closed down today on the 1st of March 2020 due to one of the French priests in charge being infected with COVID-19.

In the meantime a friend and promoter of Rabbi Mendel Kessin’s teaching’s extended the Rabbi’s appreciation for our past article breaking the news on Pope Francis COVID-19 infection that also cited Kessin’s work that described the novel coronavirus as an instrument of the messianic era.

Rabbi Kessin is well known, particularly for his lectures about current events and their meaning according to Jewish philosophy—“Hashkofa”—rather than analysis using more traditional criteria i.e. politics, sociology, economics, etc. To this end, the rabbi has a Facebook page: “Rabbi Mendel Kessin” and a web page/YouTube channel: that you might want to check out.

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  1. Q: What do The Vatican and The Boy Scouts of America have in common?
    A: Too much. Way too much.
    Moral Relativism is The AntiChrist.
    A LightMasons call to arms.

  2. When will you write about The U.G.L.E. 366 Royal Masonic Nazi Islamization of Europe and America. Is it because Your E.I.R. that You refuse to write this….. I found the story on written by Diannas favorite cousin Wilhelm Fuchs Hancock ….

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