Historical A.I. Conference in the Vatican takes place without the Pope who might have COVID-19

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Article by Leo Zagami

For the second day in a row, Pope Francis has canceled all of his prior engagements because of a mysterious illness that many fear is the infamous COVID-19. His collaborators, who are becoming increasingly worried, told him to take care of himself and take a test, fearing they could also contract novel coronavirus, Francis simply replied that  “the viruses affecting the Vatican are others.”

Of course, we can agree on this point, but the Pope should have taken more precautions this morning when at the last minute he decided to meet all of the representatives of the important Vatican conference on Artificial Intelligence that takes place today in the Vatican entitled “renAIssance” organized by the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Coincidentally the flyer for the event portrays a Chinese girl wearing headphones.

The event in question saw the participation of senior representatives from Microsoft, IBM, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Italian Government, and the E.U, who signed a joint statement entitled “Call for an AI Ethics”, developed by the Jesuits to support an ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence and promote a sense of responsibility among organizations, governments, and institutions. However, the real aim is to control in the not so distant future, a digital and technological innovation that will shape the inevitable rise of “Cyber Satan” as I pointed out last year in Vol.6.66 of my Confessions book series.

The so-called ethical use of AI by the Jesuits has been defined in the following principles outlined in the document that you might want to study for future reference:

1) Transparency: in principle, AI systems must be explainable;

2) Inclusion: the needs of all human beings must be taken into consideration so that everyone can benefit and all individuals can be offered the best possible conditions to express themselves and develop;

3) Responsibility: those who design and deploy the use of AI must proceed with responsibility and transparency;

4) Impartiality: do not create or act according to bias, thus safeguarding fairness and human dignity;

5) Reliability: AI systems must be able to work reliably; 

6) Security and privacy: AI systems must work securely and respect the privacy of users.  These principles are fundamental elements of good innovation.

The first signatures of this document forged by the lies and hypocrisy of the Company of Jesus were the following personalities who might have possibly contracted COVID-19 in the meantime: Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life; Mr. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft; Mr. John Kelly III, Executive Vice President of IBM, Mr. Dongyu Qu, General Director FAO; Mrs. Paola Pisano, Italian Government. Mr. David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament.

During the conference that took place in the Vatican, Msgr. Paglia read the speech prepared months ago by Pope Francis, who was only capable of briefly meeting the personalities in attendance but was forced to cancel his participation in the event because of his mysterious illness.

Msgr. Paglia described the document formulated during the event and its mission in the following way:

“The Call’s intention is to create a movement that will widen and involve other players: public institutions, NGOs, industries, and groups to set a course for developing and using technologies derived from AI. From this point of view, we can say that the first signing of this call is not a culmination, but a starting point for a commitment that appears even more urgent and important than ever before. Joining this initiative implies for the industries that sign it an engagement that also has relevance in terms of costs and industrial contribution to developing and distributing their products. If the Academy feels called to intensify its efforts to facilitate the knowledge and signature of other international actors, none the less the Call is a first step which is a prelude to others. The Call’s text is also characterized by being a first attempt to formulate a set of ethical criteria with common reference points and values, offering a contribution to the development of a common language to interpret what is human.”

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Brad Smith, President of Microsoft added:“Microsoft is proud to be a signatory of the Rome Call for AI Ethics, which is an important step in promoting a thoughtful, respectful, and inclusive conversation on the intersection of digital technology and humanity. I am inspired by his Holiness’ commitment and contributions to this important dialogue, and thank him, the Pontifical Academy for Life and the other representatives of the Holy See for today’s announcement.”  

And Mr. John Kelly III, Vice President of IBM also said: “AI is incredibly promising technology that can help us make the world smarter, healthier and more prosperous, but only if it is shaped at the outset by human interests and values. The Rome Call for AI Ethics reminds us that we have to choose carefully whom AI will benefit and we must make significant concurrent investments in people and skills. Society will have more trust in AI when people see it being built on a foundation of ethics, and that the companies behind AI are directly addressing questions of trust and responsibility.”

From today’s conference, we learn once again how powerful and dangerous the Vatican-Jesuit led New World Order is, who are trying to shape our future by manipulating and crafting the future of Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley and claiming in the process they are the only ethical voice of reason.

Just imagine a world controlled by A.I. and a bunch of old pedophiles sitting in the Vatican. Well, that’s what Silicon Valley wants and that’s what we need to stop before we are all screwed up. So please share this article because nobody is talking about this historical event that took place today in the Vatican.


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    Thank you so much for all of your work on this site. I read it regularly. I have donated a couple of times. Please hang in there. I found it a little difficult to read comments on your site, but I’m not very computer savvy. Be nice if they were more visible. MMS (Jim Humble) should be looked into for the coronavirus and also using a nebulizer with colloidal silver or other things like peppermint oil and other essential oils that can kill germs. Garlic will kill viruses and bacteria. You just have to get used to cutting it up and swallowing it. Turpentine oil made from Cedar Tree Oil (Jennifer Daniels) is also something that could be put into a nebulizer and breathed in. Nebulizers are like vaporizers that break down water particles into smaller particles than vaporizers do. You breathe that in with the added medicine and get that into the lungs. MMS is super important. Everyone needs to look into Jim Humble and MMS.

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