Order of Malta bans Traditional Latin Rituals after Jesuit Take-over


Article by Leo Zagami 


The Second Vatican Council closed 54 years ago this year. One of the major controversial changes it ushered in was the preaching of Mass in vernacular languages. On November 29, 1964 — a year after the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy was enacted — the “New Mass”, as it was then called, was introduced into U.S. parishes ending the widespread tradition of the Latin Tridentine Mass, which had lasted since 1570 and was the most widely celebrated Mass liturgy in the world. In the 60s, the Church discontinued all Latin Masses in most parts of the world in favor of the new course that was decided by the progressive anti-Christian forces taking over the Catholic Faith. Sadly, while modern Satanists began reciting their Black Masses in Latin the Catholic Church was abandoning this powerful ancient language.

Three years ago, Pope Francis even openly criticized liturgical traditionalists who still celebrate the Mass in Latin in an interview that would serve as an introduction of a book of sermons he gave during his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires:

“I always try to understand what’s behind the people who are too young to have lived the pre-conciliar liturgy but who want it. Sometimes I’ve found myself in front of people who are too strict, who have a rigid attitude. And I wonder: How come such a rigidity? Dig, dig, this rigidity always hides something: insecurity, sometimes even more…. Rigidity is defensive. True love is not rigid.”

The pope, who reaffirmed his commitment to the liturgical reform of Vatican II, said it is “irreversible”  and has tried in recent times  to sabotage those in the Church who still want to perform the Tridentine Mass, which is simply another name for the traditional Latin Mass, also called the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Documents obtained by LifeSite back in April 2019 show that an Italian bishop ordered a priest to cease celebrating the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, after the traditional liturgy drew an increasing number of younger generations that would like to go back to the traditional Latin Mass.

Bishop Antonio Napolioni, of the northern Italian diocese of Cremona, is upholding, in fact, a ten-year ban on the Latin Mass on the grounds that such “objectively disharmonious initiatives”threaten “ecclesial communion”and should not be introduced into the diocese.

Bishop Napolioni has claimed that the Vatican backs his decision, despite its apparent incongruity with Pope Benedict XVI’s 2007 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum which fully liberalized the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass if a “stable group” of Catholics ask for it. Pope John Paul II began to allow restricted use of the Latin- only Tridentine Mass for a limited time during his papacy.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case any longer after the arrival of Pope Francis and his progressive Jesuit agenda that gradually forced the Traditional Latin Mass out of the main Catholic orders and institutions.

The latest change involves the Order of Malta that has banned for the first time all liturgical ceremonies in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

A letter from Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre the 80th and current Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Maltawas sent to all grand priory and national association presidents saying that “henceforth all the liturgical ceremonies within our Order must be performed according to the ordinary rite of the Church (rite of St. Paul VI) and not the extraordinary rite (Tridentine rite).”

“This decision applies to all the official liturgical celebrations such as investitures, masses during our pilgrimages, memorial masses, as well as the feasts and solemnities of the Order,” said Dalla Torre, adding that superiors should inform their subordinates so that the order is “immediately put into practice.”

The use of unusual terminologies, such as “rite of St Paul VI”, and the misspelling of “Summorum Pontificum” led to initial doubts over the letter’s authenticity and strangely enough a spokesperson told the Catholic Herald on Monday evening that the letter was not genuine, but later confirmed that it was, in fact, real.

The letter says that while Summorum Pontificumleaves priests free to decide which form of the Roman Rite to celebrate, it also allows the Major Superior of a religious institute to decide on the use of the Traditional Latin Mass within their community and Pope Francis wants to send a strong message to the Traditionalists that oppose him by banning the use of Latin. Fra’ Dalla Torre gave no official explanation for the decision but the move will likely increase tensions within the Order, which has been plagued by divisions since a 2016-17 dispute which resulted in Pope Francis asking Matthew Festing to stand down as Grand Master in January 2017. Dalla Torre was formally elected as his successor the following year, a position he now holds for life.

However, the official patron of the Order, Cardinal Raymond Burke, who is a well-known proponent of the Traditional Latin Mass, was sidelined in 2017 when Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu as his special delegate to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, “de facto suspending Burke” from his patronage. The Knights are now 100% in the hands of the Jesuits.


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