Italy under threat to become the next Greece


Article by Leo Zagami


New growing tensions between Brussels and Rome as European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker who lashed out at “stupid nationalists” on the eve of European elections is now warning Italy that “The direction taken is still wrong.”  Drunken fool and Jesuit agent Juncker then added that “I would like to avoid it, but this will depend on the commitments that the Italian government will take.”

The bandwagon that appointed Juncker has been controlling the EU on behalf of the New World Order since at least 2009, and even after the recent elections Jean-Claude Juncker and the technocratic gang in Brussels who ruined the lives of millions of Greek people with their austerity measures are not giving up on their power grip on the Old Continent, demonstrating once again the undemocratic and truly Nazi nature of the European Union.

Premier Giuseppe Conte told a group of journalist today that he was hopeful that a possible dialogue with the European Commission is still possible and will avert the danger of Italy facing an infringement procedure over its public finances.  “Italy is very pleased that the EU’s door is open (for talks),”Conte said, adding that: “We are always willing to talk to Brussels. It is not in Italy’s interest to be subject to an infringement procedure. It’s not a test of strength. We are also interested in a more long term path.We are ready to talk to Brussels and we are highly confident that we can provide the responses they expect.”

 However, the EU (Nazi) Commission lead by Juncker, whose family, as we all know, had strong ties to the Nazi regime, said last week that an infringement procedure would be justified for Italy’s failure to comply with the debt rule, while stressing that the proceedings have not been opened yet and it is open to talks.

Conte stated that he was optimistic about how his government would handle the public finances after important meetings with his two deputies, League leader Matteo Salvini and 5-Star Movement (M5S) Chief Luigi Di Maio, who is unfortunately too close to George Soros.  Italy’s coalition government is, in fact, compromised by the presence of the 5-Star Movement that is pro –European and Jean-Claude Juncker knows that he can always rely on this to oppose Salvini who attacked him earlier this yearaccusing the European Commission President of destroying Europe.

Italy should not bow down to Juncker and the EU and become the next Greece. Remember, during Greece’s decade-long economic struggle hundred of thousands of jobs were lost, incomes were slashed and of course taxes were raised. Hopes for the future were dashed for a whole nation, so Italy should rebel now before it is too late and not bow down to Juncker or any of the EU Nazi’s if they still have some a little Italian pride left!


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