Strasbourg Attack Arranged by the NWO to Stop The Yellow Vest Protests


Article by Leo Zagami 


EXCLUSIVE NEWS- In the last few hours, Cherif C. has been named by the French news media as the suspect in the terrorist attack that took place yesterday, the 11th of December in Strasbourg (France), home of the European Parliament, and a wide range of European institutions operating for the New World Order.

Remember, numbers are always of great importance in the sealed labyrinth of the Illuminati sects and in particular number eleven, which the English Freemason Aleister Crowley, the magician par excellence of the Illuminati, defined in his Liber NV sub XI as the key to all Rituals.

 This is a number that I have discussed extensively in Volume I and 2 of my Confessionsseries, that appears over and over again in the false flag attacks organized by the New World Order.

Why do all these eleven’s keep popping up? The great nineteenth-century Freemason and Illuminati William Wynn Westcott offers his take on number eleven in the book appropriately entitled, Numbers: Their Occult Power And Mystic Virtues (1890):

This seems to have been the type of number with an evil reputation among all peoples.

The Kabbalists contrasted it with the perfection of the Decad, and just as the Sephirotic number is the form of all good things, so eleven is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful and imperfect.

The location of the Parliament in Strasburg has also caused a lot of controversy in the past few of years, as its work takes place not only in Strasbourg but also in Brussels and Luxembourg city.The split arrangement has caused enormous practical, financial, and even environmental difficulties, with the Strasbourg location is seen by most Euroskeptics as the home of European technocracy, and the economic orthodoxy of the Brussels Commission and the European Central Bank that is ruining Europe.

The Strasbourg-based European Parliament was put on lockdown after reports of the shooting began to emerge, with MEPs (Members of the European Parliament), staff, and journalists unable to leave the building.The parliament was in a plenary session, with hundreds of MEPs and officials have made the monthly visit to Strasbourg from Brussels.

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting is Cherif Chekatt born in 1989, who was on a security watchlist, like most of the Islamic mercenaries of the New World Order. Another puppet conveniently ready to pop up in moments of need like this one, which followed the increasingly violent four weeks of protest by the anti-EU Yellow Vest movement also expanding to neighboring Belgium now, where last Saturday during the confrontations with riot police that took place near the headquarters of the European Union, more than 400 people were detained.

France has immediately upgraded its security threat level as hundreds of police are still searching for the mysterious 29 year old man of North African origins (2nd generation immigrant), who after shooting three people dead and injuring 12 others during the terror attack on Strasbourg’s celebrated Christmas market, still managed to hijack a taxi and flee the scene.

This means the EU and its anti-democratic institutions controlled by the NWO have now found a way to  dramatically stop the upcoming 5th week of protests by the Yellow Vests by militarizing France in search of Cherif Chekatt. The EU is irreversibly committed to privatisation, welfare cuts, low wages, and the erosion of trade union rights. The Yellow Vest protesters are at the moment a danger for the future of the EU they need to be eliminated in any way possible,  including a false flag attack like the one yesterday in Strasbourg. An anonymous source in the EU Intelligence and Situation Centre (EU INTCEN) has confirmed this interpretation of the events.





Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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