Final day of the Bilderberg meeting, and big trouble for the Vatican!!


Article by Leo Zagami


Today is the final day of the Bilderberg meeting, where the Vatican will be participating via Cardinal Pietro Parolin, to discuss the topic of migration, so dear to Pope Francis and the liberal mondialists supporting him. The treatment of migrants is at the forefront of Cardinal Parolin’s agenda in Turin today, as the Vatican makes huge amounts of money with the business of immigration. In fact, The Church of Rome uses the constant excuse that immigration has a very powerful meaning for Catholics and Christians in general, stating there should be an absolute right for immigrants to migrate from poor countries, including a right to immigrate to improve economic conditions. However, the primary duty of each state is to also provide for the common good of the people, and that is usually by protecting its borders, something the Vatican does very well in the smallest nation-state in the world. Pope Francis, in his never ending Jesuit hypocrisy, has called over and over again for world leaders to do more to help refugees and migrants, but in doing so, the Vatican has inevitably helped the very rise of populism and the populist political forces they are now trying to fight at the Bilderberg meeting.


In the meantime, Cardinal Parolin, who some say is also gathering support among the mondialists for his own bid for the Chair of Saint Peter after the resignation of Pope Francis, must be very upset at the great success of the new self-described “populist” Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during the G7 in Canada. The US president announced on Saturday, that he would be hosting Italy’s new prime minister at the White House. After leaving the G7 summit in Quebec, Canada, Trump tweeted:  “Just met the new Prime Minister of Italy, @GiuseppeConteIT, a really great guy. He will be honored in Washington, at the @WhiteHouse, shortly. He will do a great job – the people of Italy got it right!”




This shows things are changing for the worst for the New World Order, and Italy’s anti-elite Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is now considered a powerful new ally for Trump against the mondialists who want to destroy civilization, something the Vatican fears deeply, especially when Conte strongly criticized the EU for their immigration policies during the G7 summit. EU Council and Vatican puppet President Donald Tusk hailed what he called a, “first and very good, promising meeting” with Conte at the G7, while drunken fool EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on the same day that, “He didn’t see divergences between Italy and the rest of the European Union over trade,”when in reality  tensions are rising every day between the EU and Italy’s new government. This is  especially because of Italy’s anti-immigrant interior minister Matteo Salvini, who announced at a rally in Sondrio, Lombardy a few days ago: “Open doors in Italy for good people and a one-way ticket for those who come to Italy to create commotion and think they will be taken care of. ‘Send them home’ will be one of our top priorities.” This is a concept he repeated yesterday in a new video message for Italia News,where Salvini strongly criticized the “illegal business of migration,”adding, “the Italians spend 35 euro’s a day for each migrant to enrich fake generosity,” who arrive in Italy every day,“by the suspicious activity of many NGO rescue vessels we are analyzing one by one.”



Italy’s criminality is something Salvini, in his new role as interior minister, wants to stop. So, the Pope and Parolin must be very worried about the Vatican’s share of the business of migration, that only in 2017, was worth over 4 billion Euro’s a year, of which the Vatican is said to take 281.050.000 Euro.

This is a huge amount of money that the Jesuit Pope does not want to lose because of the populists, so today Parolin and the Bilderbergers are conspiring on how to end Italy’s democratic choice by using the mainstream media and the financial markets to kick them out of office.



Alfredo Esposito secretary of Italians4trump and Matteo Salvini on the 7th of June in Rome



Matteo Salvini and professor Antonio Maria Rinaldi from Italians4trump



16216026_1214342178651645_2107918720_n Italians4trump in front of the press









Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Bildebergers arrive in Italy to take orders from the Vatican




VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - DECEMBER 22: Pope Francis exchanges Christmas greetings with Vatican Secretary of State cardinal Pietro Parolin at the Clementina Hall on December 22, 2016 in Vatican City, Vatican. Pope Francis invited the Roman Curia to embrace the process of reform, telling them Christmas is 'the feast of the loving humility of God, of the God who upsets our logical expectations, the established order'. (Photo by Vatican Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by Vatican Pool/Getty Images)


Article by Leo Lyon Zagami


The town of Turin shuts down for the arrival of the Bildebergers, that is creating massive problems for traffic in the relatively small city.

The elite are staying at the Marriot AC Hotel, in what used to be an old Italian pasta factory from 1908, and, unfortunately, the Italian tax payer must foot the bill.  It’s the talk of the country, as even at my local pizzeria they were discussing the arrival of the infamous Bilderberg club, which shows that many are finally waking up to the evil reality we are living.

In the meantime, my wife has released a new edition of her book, Confessions of an Illuminati Princess that includes an exclusive interview with me and new added content that makes it a must for all readers and followers of my work.


This is a small extract:


Q. You talk a lot about subjects that some wouldn’t want disclosed, has your life ever been in danger?


 A. The answer is unfortunately, yes, and more than once. Especially at the begining of my exposure work on the internet concerning the New World Order and the Secret Societies I was involved in. During that time, I got in some serious trouble indeed. To tell you the truth, I was particularly unlucky initially due to various factors at work. First of all, when I decided in 2006, to move forward and make public my testimony and privileged info on the web I was still living, almost secluded, in the suburbs of Oslo, the Norwegian capital. I was most of the time far away from my privileged contacts in Italy and the UK, and this made me particularly vulnerable to the potential enemy once I started exposing them. I had been on a secret mission in Norway for many years on behalf of the Monte Carlo Lodge of the P2, initially to establish a close link with certain occult groups based in Scandinavia,  and possibily try to open relations with the very reclusive Swedish Rite of Freemasonry and the Norwegian Order of Freemasons, in particular. After failing in this delicate mission, mostly due to racism and bigotry, I surprisingly found in both Norwegian and Swedish Freemasonry, also infiltrated by anti-Christian forces of the Ordo Templi Orientis shaking Christian values, I moved on and decided with the support of the Monte Carlo Lodge, and a certain number of Norwegian Brothers, to establish a real Masonic alternative for Oslo and the Kingdom of Norway, with the help of the Masonic High Council, a new Masonic body established on the 25th of January 2005, in London. So I proceeded in the same year with the creation of an independent lodge in Oslo before I eventually broke from the bad guys, creating in this way a sort of support mechanism for my work and secret projects in that period. This lodge made up of genuine Brothers who truly cared for the future of Freemasonry, was not numerous, and most of its members were ordinary people from all walks of life with their hearts in the right place. This lodge was of great help when I started my internet exposure, and even when most of Freemasonry, including the Masonic High Council started criticizing my move, the Brothers of my lodge in Oslo, supportive of my new stand against the New World Order, decided to break Masonic relations with them.

My disclosure work on the net was immediately met with censorship and various threats from the Norwegian authorities, who eventually accused me of espionage and arrested me, opening a case that was dropped only in February 2010. However, at the time I was way too open and at times almost to naive about the result of such disclosure, as most of the people that contacted me from September 2006 when I officially began my first Illuminati Confessions blog saying they wanted to “help me” were most of the time looking to make a quick buck, or  wanted to involve me in some form of exploitation of my persona. Honestly, in a few occasions I could have truly ended up dead because of such idiots and their lack of knowledge about the truly dangerous situation surrounding me at the time. Especially when I traveled to the US in 2008. I was in fact fighting some powerful people after I was forced to leave the Monte Carlo Lodge in early Summer 2006, and the people around me completely underestimated the dangers of this whole situation ending at times in life threatening accidents as they sabotaged more than once our vehicles.  If I did not have a strong belief in God and in my cause,  I would probably be dead by now. Since then, I had some bad experiences in Italy due to my political involvement, but in the last 4 years my life has been relatively peaceful thanks to a more detached approach and the love of a fantastic wife.  I am also thankful for the genuine support of many people like Sean Stone, who encouraged  me to obtain my first book deal in the US,  and in the last four years Alex Jones and the fantastic team of Infowars who have encouraged and supported my work as an investigative journalist. 


Q. Do you work for the CIA?


 A. No, but I would probably be much richer now if I did, and I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing to work for them. In the past, when I was still in the Monte Carlo Lodge, I was asked to participate more than once in Intelligence operations run by the Agency, and now from time to time I have some contact with members of the CIA, or other Intelligence institutions from around the world, but I am an independent thinker and I never had any clear offer from Langley in that sense. I sincerly don’t think I fit the ideal profile for one of their agents and I am sure you agree.











Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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The Bilderbergers and the Vatican officially join forces to defeat the Populists


Location of the Bilderberg meeting at the Lingotto building in Via Nizza in Turin (Italy)



Article by Leo Zagami


The new role of Italy in the populism uprise in Europe is obviously becoming a serious threat for the mondialist establishment, and for this reason the annual Bilderberg meeting from the 7thto the 10thof June 2018, will take place right at the heart of the problem, in Turin, Italy. Turin is a city ruled by the Five Star Movement, one of the two political forces that form the new Italian populist government, together with the Northern League.

Among the many powerful guests arriving for this yearly event, will be none other than the Second-in-Command of the Holy See, the powerful Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

This is the official list of the participants:

The main subject for discussion this year, will be, in fact, the populist rise in Europe.

The Bilderberg meeting was founded in1954 by the now deceased David Rockefeller. This eliterian institution unites ministers, industrialists, CEOs of multinationals and the heads of numerous banks. Prominent figures in the political, economic, academic and media world will be present to promote their mondialist-leftist ideas, but this year they will also have the support of the Vatican Secretary of State,  who some say will deliver a secret message written by Pope Francis to his minions.




The conference takes place behind closed doors under the infamous Chatham House rule, built for holding debates and discussion panels on controversial issues, named after the headquarters of the UK Royal Institute of International Affairs. At a meeting held under the Chatham House Rule, anyone who comes to the meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but is not allowed to reveal who made any of the comments. Officially, it is designed to increase openness of discussion, but in reality, it is the ideal place for the mondialists to secretly enforce their evil plot to ultimately establish a Vatican-lead New World Order.

The Bilderberg Group communicated to the Italian press agencies that, “The participants, thanks to the private nature of the conference, are not bound by the conventions of their offices or by their already agreed positions. They can therefore take the time to listen, reflect and gather ideas. There is no desired result, no reports are taken and no report are written. Moreover -resolutions are not proposed, no voting is carried out and no programmatic declarations are issued. “

This year there are a total of twelve key topics for discussion during the infamous Bilderberg meeting in Turin. As I wrote above, populism in Europe will have a central role in their discussions, especially after the formation of the new Italian Government, followed by another topic of great interest for the elite, and that is the latest developments in artificial intelligence and quantum computers. New machines that are 100 million times faster than your average PC,  and – in theory – could defeat all modern encryption, and soon become a worldwide threat to established technology for countries like the US, if China is left to lead this new technological revolution. From secure banking transactions, and confidential correspondence, to Blockchain andDigital assets, like Bitcoin – quantum computing can crack all this quickly and simply, creating the future conditions for either chaos, or for a full artificial intelligence take-over of the New World Order. Something the Bilderberg Club seems eager to discuss at this meeting.

Other topics of interest will include the US mid-term elections, and how they can defeat Donald J. Trump’s economy and protectionism with free trade, the present US world leadership and Russia, and the confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Bilderbergers will also discuss “Post-truth politics” and the use of fake news, that in their eyes, is the winning factor in Trump winning the presidential election and also for Brexit.

We need to wake up to the manipulation games played behind closed doors by the infamous Bilderberg Club and the Vatican, who are finally out in the open with their presence at the event.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Soros attacks Italy’s new government and Trump in a recent visit

Festiva Economia di quale europa abbiamo bisogno Georges Soros Foto Corrado Poli

George Soros  at the Trento Festival of Economics,  2nd of June 2018
photo Corrado Poli



Article by Leo Zagami


George Soros could not keep his mouth shut on the formation of the new Italian populist Goverment, when on June 2nd, 2018 he made his opinion known at the Trento Festival of Economics in Italy during a conference on Europe.

Soros said he is, “Concerned about the proximity of the new government with Russia, if Moscow has financed Salvini, the Italians should know it”.

Yes, Soros is using, once again, the usual Russian Collusion conspiracy theory, a classic of the left-wing globalists on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Northern League’s leader, Matteo Salvini, now the Ministry of the Interior, replied immediately with strong criticism towards Soros and the Festival saying, “Never had any money from Russia it’s a shame to invite such a unscrupulous speculator”.

However, George Soros, also added strong criticism towards Donald J. Trump, saying that, “Trump is a threat to the world including America”,hoping he will be defeated in the U.S. midterm elections, stating incredibly that Trump, who is making the U.S. economy  great again, “does not understand the basic elements of economy”.

We hope Italy’s new government will act quickly to declare that Soros’ activities are no longer welcome in Italy.










Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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Oggi festa della sovranità?




Oggi per la Festa della Repubblica le forze sovraniste del Bel Paese ringraziano Donald J. Trump per il suo intervento diretto (anche se in forma riservata) nell’aver fatto cambiare idea al presidente non eletto Sergio Mattarella. Convincendolo a desistere dall’ennesimo colpo di stato di matrice sinistrorsa così da richiamare Giuseppe Conte. Rimandandoil catto-comunista Carlo Cottarelli e tutti suoi ministri radical chic a casa. La democrazia italiana è così ritornata ancora una volta sovrana e realmente democratica grazie agli americani che come nel 1945 ci hanno liberato dal pericolo tedesco e dalla loro possibile invasione. Ovviamente siamo solo agli inizi della nostra battaglia e con i media del regime e la magistratura ancora controllate dalle sinistre non avremo vita facile contro l’Eurodittatura ma i Trumpiani d’Italia rimarranno attenti pronti vigilare e a denunciare gli atti di sovversione della lobby europeista e cattomunista.

Firmato Trumpiani d’Italia


P.S.: Grazie per aver risposto alla nostra lettera di aiuto:

Lettera aperta a Donald J. Trump: pur dopo elezioni democratiche, l’Italia rischia di avere un governo non eletto. Abbiamo bisogno di aiuto