Soros attacks Italy’s new government and Trump in a recent visit

Festiva Economia di quale europa abbiamo bisogno Georges Soros Foto Corrado Poli

George Soros  at the Trento Festival of Economics,  2nd of June 2018
photo Corrado Poli



Article by Leo Zagami


George Soros could not keep his mouth shut on the formation of the new Italian populist Goverment, when on June 2nd, 2018 he made his opinion known at the Trento Festival of Economics in Italy during a conference on Europe.

Soros said he is, “Concerned about the proximity of the new government with Russia, if Moscow has financed Salvini, the Italians should know it”.

Yes, Soros is using, once again, the usual Russian Collusion conspiracy theory, a classic of the left-wing globalists on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Northern League’s leader, Matteo Salvini, now the Ministry of the Interior, replied immediately with strong criticism towards Soros and the Festival saying, “Never had any money from Russia it’s a shame to invite such a unscrupulous speculator”.

However, George Soros, also added strong criticism towards Donald J. Trump, saying that, “Trump is a threat to the world including America”,hoping he will be defeated in the U.S. midterm elections, stating incredibly that Trump, who is making the U.S. economy  great again, “does not understand the basic elements of economy”.

We hope Italy’s new government will act quickly to declare that Soros’ activities are no longer welcome in Italy.










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