The Illuminati of the Old-World Order Want to Arrest Trump and Putin, but it’s all a Farse!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Fox News shocked the world on Friday afternoon when anchor John Roberts informed viewers that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has requested a “meeting with law enforcement ahead of a potential Trump indictment.” He said they were meeting, “to discuss logistics for some time next week, which would mean that they are anticipating an indictment next week.”

Roberts continued: “Same sources familiar with the planning said they will go over security preparations in and around the courthouse in lower Manhattan. Secret Service will take the lead in what they will allow or will not allow, the source cautioned, mentioning, for instance, that the decision to handcuff the president, the former president, or not, they will set the tone and will escort him into the courtroom.”

But Susan Necheles, a lawyer for Trump, said his remark about the timing of his arrest was gleaned from media reports, and Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said Saturday morning there had been no “notification” of an indictment, instead, Trump supporters should attend a rally he is holding next week in Texas for his 2024 reelection, showing all this fuss about Trump’s possible arrest could well be a nothing burger!

The same can be said for Vladimir Putin who went to visit Crimea in the last couple of days and later made a surprise visit to Mariupol on his first trip to the Donbas region since the invasion in a show of defiance after receiving the ICC arrest warrant that has been addressed as toilet paper by Medvedev, the former president of the Russian Federation, as the ICC is not even recognized by the U.S. and China doesn’t care about meeting a “felon,” that’s for sure. It seems the only ones taking it seriously are the clowns at CNN. China’s Xi is meeting with Putin in Moscow Monday in a show of support rather than for an alleged peace deal that will never happen. 

So, both Trump and Putin will never go to prison as the “Old World Order” is becoming weaker and weaker, and even if the Illuminati still aim for a Great Reset that will bring the control of the world into the hands of China, the possibility of a new civil war in the U.S. is also increasing after the 2024 presidential elections, as I predicted in Volume 4 of my Confessions.

In the meantime, the “Security Bond-2023” exercises took place from Wednesday until yesterday and were focused on deepening “practical cooperation between” China, Iran, and Russia, “the participating countries” showing once again the relevance of my predictions in Volume 7 of my Confessions.

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