Was Cristina Kirchner a Victim of an Attempted Assassination by a Vatican Assassin? Masonic and Neotemplar Connections Point in that Direction!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Video of the failed attempted assassination of the Argentinian Vice President Cristina Kirchner as she was passing a crowd of people has made headlines worldwide in the last couple of days.

There are a lot of questions about the man in the crowd who pointed a gun at Cristina Kirchner’s face, attempting to shoot, and miraculously failed. The suspect was identified as a 35-year-old Brazilian citizen, Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel, the son of an Argentine woman and a Chilean man.

Now most newspapers, including The Times of Israel are describing him has a Nazi:

The man who attempted to assassinate Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner on Thursday is a Brazilian with a criminal history and a Nazi tattoo.[1]

But is it true? Is he a Nazi or a Jesuit agent?

Cristina Kirchner, born February 19, 1953, often referred to by her initials CFK, is an Argentine lawyer and politician who has served as the 37th Vice President of Argentina since 2019. She also served as the 54th president of Argentina from 2007 to 2015 and the first lady during the tenure of her now defunct husband, Néstor Kirchner (1950-2010). She was the second female president of Argentina after Isabel Perón, but she was also the political archenemy of none other than fellow patriot, Pope Francis when he was still a Cardinal.

Kirchner sought to neutralize the Buenos Aires cardinal’s political influence for so long that when she and her allies suddenly found themselves completely out of step with the joy of most Argentinians when Pope Francis was elected, she had to quickly rush to Rome to change things around. For years, the Kirchners labeled Pope Francis “chief of the opposition” and an “accomplice of the dictatorship.” The situation between the Cardinal and Cristina Kirchner was so tense that supporters of Cristina Kirchner reportedly tried lobbying other cardinals to turn against Bergoglio when choosing a new Pontiff, but things finally seemed to change after she went to visit Bergoglio in Rome, but the Jesuits never liked Cristina Kirchner, or her husband, and that’s a fact, and now that Pope Francis wants to retire in Argentina maybe he wants to get rid of her.

However, labeling Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel “a Nazi,” does not seem to fit his social network profile as Radio Perfil, one of the main radio stations in Buenos Aires pointed out he followed Masonic orders and groups such as “Satanic Communism” on his Facebook account, which at this time is closed and presented itself as “It is not from God, nor from capital,” so definitely Communist.  Montiel also followed another group called “Hermetic occult sciences” and other choices based on cults like the Wicca belief.[2]

Regarding Freemasonry, he belonged to the page of the Lodge Centaruro #9-96[3] that is based in Sinaloa, Mexico, and operates under a charter of the Respectable Grand Loggia del Pacifico Norte. Fernando André Sabag Montiel under the name Fernando Salim Montiel was also a FB member of a popular Spanish Neotemplar group called Cavallers Templers de Catalunya [4]

Fernando André Sabag Montiel had several accounts on social networks that were deactivated. On Instagram, he was Andres Sabag Montiel and Fernando_Salim13, while his Facebook account presented him with his full name.  He is now known for attempting to assassinate the Vice President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner with a Bersa Lusber 84 caliber 32 (7.65mm) revolver. Before that, the 35-year-old native of Brazil followed extreme and radicalized hate groups that don’t match the current profile given of the American and Israeli mainstream media. 

Is Fernando André Sabag Montiel a Nazi or a Vatican assassin? His real social network profiles seem to point to the latter. In the meantime, I have contacted the Lodge Centaruro #9-96 and the Cavallers Templers de Catalunya to have further clarification about Montiel’s alleged involvement with such groups. This is an ongoing investigation by leozagami.com.

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