Using ‘People’s Republic’ in the Official Title for Donetsk and Luhansk means Putin wants to Relaunch the Communist Soviet Union for its Centenary

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Article by Leo Zagami

First of all, during the fateful March Referendum of 1991, 70.16% of all Ukrainians voted to remain a part of the Soviet Union as a sovereign republic, while only 27.99% voted, no. This should help you to understand the profound love and admiration that most people living in Ukraine had at that time for both Communism, and the Soviet Union, before George Soros arrived with his money and influence to change and transform Ukraine into a vassal state of the U.S. Democratic Party.

In the following December 1991 referendum, (after the August coup ended all hope of a restored Soviet Union,) 83.86% of the votes in the former Soviet Oblast, were in favor of the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, and in 1994 a referendum took place in the Donetsk Oblast and the Luhansk Oblast, that are now at the center of the current crisis, with around 90% supporting the Russian language gaining the status of an official language alongside Ukrainian, and for the Russian language to be an official language on a regional level; however, the referendum was annulled by the Kyiv Soros puppet government that wanted the Russian part of its national identity completely removed, to sever all its cultural ties with Russia and the newly born Russian Federation.

In the following years, the Russian people in Ukraine, the largest ethnic minority in the country, that officially counts 17.3% of the population, felt more and more segregated, and on April 8, 2014, following the annexation of Crimea by Russia, pro-Russian separatists occupying the Luhansk Oblast administrative building planned to declare the independence of the region as the Luhansk Parliamentary Republic, after other pro-Russian separatists declared Donetsk People’s Republic in the Donetsk Oblast (April 7, 2014). When the Luhansk Parliamentary Republic ceased to exist, the separatists declared the Luhansk People’s Republic (April 27, 2014) and held a disputed referendum on separating from Ukraine on May 11, 2014. The legitimacy of the referendums was not recognized by anyWestern government, but on February 21, 2022, Russia officially recognized the two independent states, becoming the first UN member state to do so, triggering a potential Third World War.

However, nobody has focused on a very important detail, the term “People’s Republic,” which is the official title given to both Donetskand Luhansk, that is usually used by some currently or formerly Communist or left-wing states. A choice that seems to indicate beyond doubt that Vladimir Putin’s real intention is to reform the Soviet Union, and rehabilitate Communism as its ideology, as the USSR centenary approaches this year.

As Robert Coalson wrote recently for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, “On December 30, 1922, representatives of the Soviet governments of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Transcaucasian Republic took to the stage of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater to proclaim the formation of a new country that within less than two generations would become a global superpower: the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”

Coalson continued that “with the 20/20 hindsight of a century’s distance, 1922 emerges as a fateful year for the peoples of Russia and its neighborhood,” adding, “in terms of politics, foreign affairs, and culture, events transpired and decisions were made that laid the rails for decades of institutionalized totalitarian oppression.”

Is 2022 shaping up to be a similarly fateful year? In addition to being cognizant of the symbolic power of anniversaries, with the West increasingly in the hands of Communist Chinese puppet governments like Canada, and the United States in the hands of a corrupt Marxist White House, Vladimir Putin does not have any opposition to his plan and can finally proceed to put back together the Soviet Union starting from the  Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, but this is only the start of the new Soviet bloc that is about to unfold in the coming months and years. Remember, Putin fancies himself as a historian, aside from being a politician, and a former KGB agent, he knows very well that many short-lived socialist states that formed during World War I and its aftermath called themselves People’s Republics and that many of these sprang up in the territory of the former Russian Empire which collapsed following the Russian Revolution of 1917. Decades later, following the Allied victory in World War II, the name “People’s Republic” was adopted yet again by some of the newly established Marxist–Leninist states, mainly within the Soviet Union’s Eastern Bloc, so Vladimir Putin’s intentions couldn’t be more clear because as a term, “People’s Republic” is associated with socialist states as well as Communist countries adhering to Marxism–Leninism. 

The war that is unfolding is a win-win situation for both the Russian Federation, wanting to go back to their Communist authoritarian roots with Vladimir Putin, and for Joe Biden’s Democrat Party in crisis, that wants desperately a World War to suspend, or postpone any future elections, or use unprecedented war time measures to at least be able to sabotage, once again, the results, to replace the United States with the People’s Republic of America. Putin and Biden are working to “Make Communism/Socialism Great Again.”

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