Brain Scans and Implantable Microchips to Cross Borders and Increased Censorship by Big Tech Force Us to Make New Choices to Survive the NWO

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Article by Leo Zagami


While Democrats demand more censorship from Big Tech bosses, the Leo Lyon Zagami Channel on Youtube was permanently blocked with no reason given, after 3 other Zagami channels have been closed down in the month prior to the elections. We are on the verge of disappearing from Youtube. But Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are not happy and want more censorship, as they spent Tuesday’s hearing chiding the CEO’s of Facebook and Twitter for not stepping up their censorship efforts — despite the frequent censorship of convervatives like myself and Twitter’s unprecedented gagging of The New York Post’s account for two weeks, and, of course, the frequent masking of President Trump’s tweets. Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are accused of censoring conservatives and they lie and say they are fair about their services, but their actions speak more than their empty words. In the last few weeks, I was personally locked out of my Twitter account and I am no longer able to stream my content on Facebook or share my articles on my groups and my pages that have been given a number of restrictions.

At the hearing in question, Senator Hawley outlined the use of Tasks, a tool Facebook uses to improve the workflow of Facebook employees, but it is also used by Facebook employees to collaborate with Google and Twitter in censoring users across platforms, and a second tool called Centra, to track users even when they think they are anonymous. Senator Hawley also questioned the two CEOs on whether Facebook used the Tasks platform to coordinate their censorship of users, questioning Zuckerberg on how many FB accounts in the U.S. have been subject to a shutdown through Centra, whether Facebook makes a record of instances in which employees access users’ private data without their consent, and whether doing so triggers an audit. The answers were vague and full of half truths and lies.

In the meantime, the “Great Reset” mastermind Klaus Schwab who has been suggesting for a number of years Draconian measures for controlling the population under the umbrella of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, including risk-assessment brain scans to cross borders and implantable chips to read people’s thoughts is gaining momentum. World Economic Forum founder Schwab has repeatedly emphasized how technocrats need to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to implement “The Great Reset,” a sentiment that was echoed by libtard star Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a recent United Nations video conference. Recently, the United Nations had some big announcements for the New World and their digital take-over that went largely unnoticed by the mainstream media, that included the rollout of a biometric digital wallet and an announcement that one of its specialized agencies, The International Civil Aviation Organization is one step closer to a internationally recognized digital travel credential.

We must survive this crazy Orwellian world and I can’t help but raise certain questions, for example, what kind of social controls could this possibly provide the technocrats if people decide to not obey certain restrictions or requirements? Example: If you didn’t get your latest shot, individuals may face travel restrictions. Or, you may not be able go to work, or your payments may be frozen until you comply to their version of reality.  And how can we still give you our version of worldwide events here at if Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter continues to censor us on a daily basis? Working as an independent journalist and author in these troubling times full of censorship has become increasingly difficult even if new platforms and services are being created like Gab or Parler. At we will continue our mission to provide you with all the latest cutting edge news on the Vatican-led New World Order, but we are having problems providing you with THE LEO ZAGAMI SHOW due to the increased censorship on Youtube, so really we need you to be retroactive and subscribe to our new emergency channels:

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