Pedophile Streaker Runs Naked in pedo-friendly Chaz but Street Preacher is attacked

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Article by Leo Zagami 


The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone(CHAZ), referred to simply as the Zone and Free Capitol Hill, is a controversial self-declared autonomous zone in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington consisting of an area of about six blocks to protesters demanding justice for George Floyd after several tense nights of standoffs with police. In the absence of law enforcement, the commune that has sprung up is now considered a pedo-friendly area.

ELIJAH SCHAFFER Host, Reporter, Producer at Blaze TV confirmed this dangerous trend yesterday with the following Tweet.

NSFW: a streaker runs through #CHAZ

I asked him why he was doing this?

 His response: “because I can”

 There are tons of children here too

 No American laws. No clothes.

 This is the Autonomous Zone


For those who don’t know the acronym NSFW used above is an abbreviation for words like Not Safe For Wife, Not Suitable For Work, but mostly accepted as Not Safe For Work.

In the meantime, the Satanic tendencies of the CHAZ renegades are becoming more evident to the outside world after a street preacher was violently attacked and not allowed to play worship music or preach the gospel in liberal Chaz. This insanity needs to stop right now!

Mayor Jenny Durkan commented on Twitter about listening to CHAZ demands, despite many protestors calling for her to be fired or resign. Residence is afraid that violence will erupt if police return and says no one has a clue when or how this will end but the fact that children are being exploited in CHAZ should bring an end to this clown show asap.


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