Master of the spy genre aims at Brexit and Trump in his new novel but forgets Epstein and the Royal Family

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Article by Leo Zagami 


Once a British spy himself, John Le Carré’s spy days are long behind him but he seems to be pretty active in the art of disinformation and propaganda at the service of Her Majesty with his latest novel Agent Running in the Field.

Early in his writing career, John Le Carré, the most famous and celebrated British author of espionage novels in the world, who worked for the British intelligence services MI5 and MI6 like his rival author Ian Fleming. Several of his books have been adapted for film and television, including The Constant Gardener, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and The Night Manager. Much imitated and adapted by the big and small screens, John Le Carré and Ian Fleming painted in our minds a picture of post-war espionage and have been referenced over and over again, even by professionals in the field.

Fleming, through the dashing figure of James Bond, with his exclusive locations and beautiful ladies, and Le Carré, through his damning portrait of the British secret service drawn from his intricate espionage activities. Le Carré, the pen name for David Cornwell, has spent more than 50 years writing some of the world’s most acclaimed espionage novels, so when I saw all the lies and disinformation in his latest book to hurt President Donald J. Trump, I felt obliged to speak out.

In his latest work, Agent Running in the Field, he tells the story of Nat, a veteran agent runner who returns home to London in 2018 for one last job, called by MI6 for his experience in Moscow and Eastern Europe. In this book, Le Carré finally drops his mask and reveals his leftist/globalist agenda highly critical of both Donald J. Trump and Brexit, often verging on obsessive hatred.

The novel in question is fueled with plenty of references and criticism toward Trump, Brexit, Russia and other topics of contemporary international intrigue. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are described as two sides of the same coin, in bed with each other at the expense of Great Britain, the U.S., and European Union.


In an interview he gave last month to Samantha Balaban and Martha Wexler Le Carré said:

“I’m not writing about the secret services — I’m writing about England and Britain now, and the problems in Europe. … For me, that intelligence experience that I had, that formative time in my life, has simply become a vehicle, a stage, a theater, that I use to express other things.The stories are engaging — people like spy stories, I like writing spy stories. But at the moment, with Britain as it is, if I had been in the navy instead of in the secret service and were now writing naval stories, well then, my fleet would be very close to sinking.”

Le Carré added that at a time when daily headlines compete with his thrillers, his approach is “to personalize everything. … If I’m angry, I invest that in characters and I give them a motivation that expresses that anger.”

 Unfortunately, the anger expressed by this once great spy novelist seems to now be his weakness and his ultimate downfall. One of his main characters named Arkady, was a former agent of Nat the protagonist in the early post-Soviet era, and describes the U.S. President at one point as “Vladimir Putin’s toilet cleaner” who can do all the things Putin can’t like “pissing on the E.U., on human rights and NATO.”

John Le Carré’s new novel seems made for one of the many Hollywood film’s that might immediately transform it into yet another piece of Anti-Trump Hollywood propaganda. John le Carré’s 25th novel is so sickening it makes you wonder if the author is actually still working with British Secret Service as a disinformation operative, or if he is just plain stupid which I don’t think is possible. There’s one reference to Donald Trump that is almost unbearable, where Arkady accuses the English of sucking President Trump’s cock and inviting him to tea with the Queen.

The publicity for Agent Running in the Field has emphasized the fact that this is Le Carré’s Brexit novel, but in reality this is Le Carré’s anti-Trump’s novel.

As John Le Carré is so interested in contemporary affairs why doesn’t he talk about his friend’s daughter Ghislaine Maxwell? Robert Maxwell, was not only a British media magnet and former Member of Parliament who died under mysterious circumstances in 1991, but also an intelligence operative with known links to the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6),  the KGB, and to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.

And  why doesn’t John Le Carré discuss Jeffrey Epstein and his friendship with Prince Andrew?  Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell worked for various intelligence agencies and their activities could definitely make for a more interesting and realistic book, but he is fixated on President Donald J. Trump, Brexit, and climate change, another of John Le Carré’s new fixations in line with George Soros and friends including Prince Charles.

As the Commonwealth’s Veterans Day Ceremony approaches, I feel a sense of shame for the British side of my family and disgusted by John Le Carré’s new stand, Epstein didn’t kill himself and the Queen knows the truth.




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    Well done again, Brother Leo. Great points made on infoWars yesterday as well.
    Keep the ZagamiTsunami of Truth penetrating dry land. The moisture will do them [and all of us] well.

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