Vatican Playground for Pedophiles exposed by Zagami and Archbishop Viganò Finally Under Indictment

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Article by Leo Zagami 


The tension is mounting behind Vatican walls as Vatican City’s chief prosecutor has handed down criminal indictments against two priests in connection with sexual abuse allegedly committed at the the pre-seminary Pio X, a minor seminary located inside Vatican City that I exposed in 2017 as a playground for pedophiles on Infowars after as I pointed out in the same article my Italian colleagues from Le Iene attempted to investigate the matter:

“The Italian TV show Le Iene, that originally reported on the scandal, said that they “had received a letter from the diocese of Como warning against proceeding with their story.”

I wrote clearly showing the photo of one of the two suspects (Fr. Gabriele Martinelli:“The pre-seminary in question is the only place where minors reside in the Vatican and opened its doors in 1956 at the urging of the late Father Giovanni Folci, a suspected pedophile priest of the Diocese of Como, Italy, who is now on his way to Sainthood.”

(Read the entire article from the 27th of November 2017 with all the details at:

This case was further exposed in June 2019 by the known ecclesiastical whistle-blower, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in an interview with The Washington Post.

Viganò, who was asked what progress the Vatican has made in tackling the sex abuse crisis, pointed out as an example to the Martinelli case, which he described as “truly horrifying.”

My friends at wrote yesterday: “A pending prosecution at the Vatican is vindicating Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò.”

The day before, on Tuesday, the Press Office of the Holy See announced the formal charges, in a statement that named two men: the accused abuser, Fr Gabriele Martinelli and Fr Enrico Radice, who was rector of the seminary at the time, on charges of aiding and abetting. The Press Office statement explained that the indictment stems from a Vatican police investigation opened in 2017 in the wake of media reports and that the indictments have come down only after Pope Francis waived the statute of limitations for Vatican City.

Under the direction of Cardinal Angelo Comastri, the Vicar General for Vatican City, the superiors of the seminary pretended to look into the accusations originally exposed by my Italian colleagues of the TV Show Le Iene, covered this up stating he found no evidence. The Vatican police, of course, did not investigate the claims to not upset Comastri and Gabriele Martinelli, who received Holy Orders for the Diocese of Como, and was ordained a priest in October of 2017 by the new bishop of the diocese, Oscar Cantoni (another pervert like him), who took office the previous year.

In November 2017, when I wrote about the pre-seminary in question, which is the only place where minors reside in the Vatican, that was opened by the late Father Giovanni Folci a suspected pedophile priest of the Diocese of Como, Italy in 1956, the Vatican was pretty upset with me. Cardinal Comastri, who is a friend of my ex-cameraman, went on defending his handling of the matter which had come under critical scrutiny in the Italian news media. In the meantime, Comastri, who is also a member of the Illuminati Academy in Rome, told the Italian wire service ANSA that he, in fact, ordered two internal investigations, neither of which found anything.

Comastri, who is a well-known liar, claims he also asked the Bishop of Como to look into the matter since the Diocese of Como oversees the minor seminary through its Don Folci Association that I exposed as a playground for pedophiles. More than half a year after that request, Bishop Diego Coletti of Como submitted a four-page report that also found nothing.

Comastri told ANSA that Bishop Coletti “proposed that the case be archived”,ie closed, but said he did not accept Coletti’s proposal. Comastri told the wire service he ordered one boy to be sent away from the seminary and back to Como. Comastri also saw that senior staff at the institution were replaced, “In order to be even more tranquil,” Comastri told ANSA, “so that there would be ‘fresh air.”

Could I have done [anything] more?” Comastri went on to say but the truth is that they are all a bunch of liars. The Pope and his gang are resorting once again to lies and cover-up to protect the Church, while I had to flee Italy to avoid persecution, Viganò lives in hiding, and my colleagues from Le Iene were threatened by the Vatican legal team. However, we are finally feeling vindicated by the latest criminal indictments against Fr Gabriele Martinelli and Fr Enrico Radice. and Infowars can be proud of another victory in the Infowar against the lying Jesuit Pope.




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