New Italian Democrat Party Government paves the way for Hillary Clinton’s arrival

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Article by Leo Zagami 



Today, grassroots members of the Jesuit guided 5-Star Movement (M5S) voted yes by 79% to 20.7% to a future Italian government with the left-wing scumbags of the Italian Democratic Party (PD), traditionally close to the Clinton Foundation. The M5S’s online voting platform called Rousseau was used, that many have criticized in the past for the possibility of being hacked and manipulated. This controversial decision made on such an unreliable platform paved the way for an unprecedented alliance with the former political enemies of the 5-Star Movement, the Democratic Party, (PD) and marked Matteo Salvini’s definite exit from the Italian government together with his league. This evil plan was secretly arranged last month by Nancy Pelosi in cahoots with the Vatican during her brief visit to Italy earlier last month as announced by

For this reason, the European House, the Ambrosetti another important think tank similar to the Bilderberg meeting founded in Italy in the 70s, has officially announced the arrival of Hillary Clinton as a special guest of the event that takes place this weekend in Villa d’Este in the Italian town of Cernobbio on the shores of Lake Como. Heads of state and government, top representatives of European institutions, ministers, Nobel prize winners, businessmen, managers, and experts from around the world have been meeting there around this time of the year since 1975. However, this is the first time Hillary arrives as special guest without any political role in the U.S. and takes central stage to fight her enemies in the E.U. and celebrate in secret the end of Salvini’s threat to Europe and the making of this new Italian government.

Last year, Hillary said, in fact, that Europe must get a handle on immigration to combat the growing threat from right-wing populists. For this reason, the mondialists have managed to use the corrupt and rigged Italian political system, currently in the hands of the 5-Star Movement to establish their first non-elected left-wing government in order to get Matteo Salvini and the populist forces out of the picture in Europe as soon as possible, setting a dangerous precedent.Luigi Di Maio the leader of the 5-Star Movementclose to Pope Francis said that “The vast majority voted Yes for the birth of a government-backed by a coalition where the M5S will be the majority force. It was a plebiscite.” He said that, “in less than a month a government crisis was resolved, via a different method, not in back rooms, but with a process that comes from the work done in these years, putting in place a program and then asking for an appraisal of that program from the PD.”

He also said, “I’m very happy about the government that will come because it is based on so many ideas that we were realizing. Our goal is to realize the program.” The guy is obviously a puppet in the hands of the Jesuits and the Deep State and the New World Order know very well they are losing this battle on the long run, and for this reason, they are now intervening undemocratically on the European scene to crack down on the so-called populist forces. We need to stop them and pray for Italy that is in the hands of the enemy as well as the rest of Europe that will gradually be Islamicised and ruined by the current Socialist and Communist policies. Euroskeptic League leader Salvini said that he was proud that the League had nothing to do with this compromised government and would have preferred to ask the opinion of 60 million Italians not of 60 thousand on the Rousseau online platform.



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