Banned for 30 days from FB for simply posting an article on Muslim immigration


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Article by Leo Zagami


We are indeed living in crazy times. Censorship is taking over the internet especially when it comes to the taboo subjects of refugees and Islam. Today, I have been banned from Facebook for simply posting an article I wrote a few days ago about Raymond Leo Burke’s criticism on the insane immigration policies of Pope Francis. The Catholic Church and the Holy See have become one of the most liberal organizations in the world and their power to censor any voice of dissent on social networks is growing every day.

I am sorry to say that this kind of censorship will only increase as we are approaching new levels of so-called “political correctness.”

In the meantime, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker lashed out at “stupid nationalists”on the eve of European elections in which eurosceptic politicians are expected to make gains in the European Parliament because of the reckless policies on immigration promoted by the progressive and left-wing parties operating in Jesuit controlled Europe.

The only hope the world has to stop this madness are people like Cardinal Burke and the United States of America that we need to keep free so we can fight back and regain control of the Western world before the Islamic take over supported by the Vatican Jesuits. I just spoke with one Cardinal Burke’s close collaborators to inform him on what happened and they were shocked about this action by Facebook.

Those interested in contacting me during this unjust Facebook ban can do so by writing to


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  1. Giving the billions that immigrants cost to help them live in their own countries would be much better strategy – why empty their countries to overcrowd Europe when they could be comparatively wealthy with our financial assistance in their own countries rather than have to start in a new country where the language skills and training are not there. This would be cheaper and more humane .
    The Pope is reversing the command of dispersion from Babylon and Nimrod’s dictatorship

  2. Published on FB and on all the friendly sites … Your Disciple always at your service
    H. N

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