Shocking Maduro’s Venezuelan National Guard attacks Catholic Church


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Article by Leo Zagami



As I reported on April 30th, a group of 51 prominent clergy and Catholic scholars released an open letter to the Catholic bishops of the world, accusing the pope of heresy and demanding that the College of Bishops act to make him “adjure.” But despite the letter’s strident claims, the Vatican ignored the episode claiming through their media that arguments advanced by its authors do not appear to make a legal or consistent argument against the Holy Father regarding the specific charge of canonical heresy. In the meantime, public Mass in Sri Lanka was suspended for a second week, showing the weakness of the Catholic Church to the world and the Jesuits are still standing by Maduro, even when members of the Venezuelan National Guard attacked a Catholic church in San Cristobal last Wednesday, amid nationwide protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Bishop Mario del Valle Moronta Rodriguez of San Cristóbal de Venezuela stated on May 1st that, “This afternoon a horde of Bolivarian National Guardsmen attacked Our Lady of Fatima church in Barrio Sucre of San Cristóbal.”

Bishop Moronta also said that as Mass was ending, “Two (members of) the GNB entered the church on a motorcycle, the pastor came down from the rectory in order to stop them, butin an attempt to dialogue, a horde of 40 GNB arrived trying to enter The pastor,  Fr. Jairo Clavijo, stopped them, and after them a general arrived by the last name of Ochoa who started arguing with the pastor, in hardly respectful terms.”

The Bishop of San Cristóbal said, “Not content with the outrage, the GNB threw tear gas canisters inside the church. They were unable to evacuate the sacred precinct where there were a good number of faithful including quite a few elderly people. A nun fainted.”

For Bishop Moronta, “This incident is extremely serious and is an attack on the Catholic Church.”

The Venezuelan prelate said the Diocese of San Cristóbal,“Will take preventive measures and  appropriate actions in this case.”

The clash was one of many that took place across Venezuela April 30-May 1 after opposition leader Juan Guaidó urged protests against Jesuit agent Nicolas Maduro, but it is the first time that his military attacks the Catholic Church that is actually protecting him.




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