The Jesuits receive an award after constructing an Occult Temple for the Age of Lucifer





Article by Leo Zagami


The Jesuits are now openly demonstrating their occult side in preparation for the Vatican driven One World Religionwith a newJesuit temple built in Salamanca (Spain), called the “Chapel of the Encounter” that looks more like an interdimensional portal than a Christian chapel. This empty church illuminated by an ominous red light seems like the perfect symbol of interreligious emptiness in the New Age of Lucifer.

This structure recently received an award as the “Best Religious Environment of 2018” from the interfaith organization established by the Illuminati elite in the 60s called “Faith & Form”,that are based in Washington. The association was founded originally in 1965 under the name Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture (IFRAA today AIA). Its goal is officially to “promote interreligious dialogue in the context of art, architecture and religious literature,” but in reality it is just another tool used by the Satanists to destroy religious beliefs and practices before the advent of the Antichrist.

The Annual Religious Art and Architecture Award, that has been awarded since 1978, celebrated their 40th year anniversary by awarding the infamous Company of Jesus, that as we know it is on top of the pyramid of power working to achieve a One World Religion. The award officially received the support of the Vatican, and as the Spanish website of the Jesuit Order infosj emphasizes, the Capilla del Encuentro(Chapel of Encounter) in Salamanca was awarded the title of “Best Religious Space of the Year 2018.”

According to the Information Center of the Society of Jesus in Spain, “The jury was particularly impressed by the connection between architecture and theology,”but without even a cross or a religious symbol in site, what is the theologic aspect of this monstrosity?

It seems more like the Jesuits are copying the red room of the occult influenced TV series Twin Peaks. The legendary American mystery horror drama television series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch that premiered back in 1990.Interestingly enough, the space in question, also known as “the waiting room,” is supposed to be an extradimensional space connected to Glastonbury Grove in Twin Peaks’ Ghostwood National Forest. The red room in Twin Peakshas an almost Satanic feel to it and  represents the so-called “Black Lodge” of a local Native American legend/demon. Many spirits appear to “live” in this red room, most notably one calling itself “the arm”.  This is a strange coincidence as the Jesuits are both the spiritual and occult “arm”of the New World Order  and are the ones dealing on behalf of the elite with the most influential interdimensional demons, often opening such portals using certain rituals.

The new Jesuit chapel that opened last June is the work of Spanish architects Xavier Chérrez and Raquel Cantera, located in the San Ignacio Jesuit Center of the Salamanca, is officially “inspired by the tent of meeting in the book Exodus ” a place of direct contact between Moses and God’s representatives. Moses was in contact with extra-dimensional entities with a well-defined hierarchy, and dominates a multiverse reality. This is a complex subject that I write about in great detail in my new book Invisible Master The Puppeteers Hidden Power. Incredibly enough, the chapel also has what they call “a Q code that can be used to retrieve and share prayers and experiences through a website”.  

This is, of course, the first step of the Jesuits towards fully embracing the upcoming artificial intelligence religion that the Satanic controllers will use in connection with the human microchip implant to establish “the Mark of the Beast”and impose their evil technocratic dictatorship from Silicon Valley that is already in the hands of the Jesuit Pope. Last May, even CNBC reported about “How artificial intelligence is shaping religion in the 21st century”, something the  Jesuits are aware of and control on behalf of Satan’s Legion.




Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the new book Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 5: The Decline of the West and the Rise of Satanism in our Society 


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