AI Deception and Manipulative Lies Land in Our Already Volatile Universities

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Article by Leo Zagami

I wrote in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 9: Seven Steps to The Secrets of the New World Disorder from Transhumanism and Immortality to Gnostic Jesus, UFOs, and Insect Witchcraft:

….The goal of transhumanism is to one day merge human bodies and human minds with technology and AI, but only a limited group of people will have the resources to accomplish this (the globalists) without being completely enslaved by Cyber Satan’s rules and regulations, and even when humans will be allowed some degree of independence, they will still have to live within the boundaries set up by the digital prison AI built around us. The digital prison of the “Smart World” might become a gold cage for some people, but not for their souls, which will be taken over immediately and ruled by Satan’s Legion if you join this AI trap.                   

AI is all over the news right now, with both the benefits and the dangers of this breakthrough tech being discussed to exhaustion, but nobody is pointing out its dangers in the way I did in connection with the esoteric world in my Cyber Satan trilogy that includes Volume 6.66Volume 7, and Volume 9. AI is said to help us code, write, and synthesize vast amounts of data. They reportedly can outwit humans at board games, decode the structure of proteins, and hold a rudimentary conversation. But now a new study has surfaced claiming that AI systems have grown in sophistication to the point of developing a capacity for deception. The paper states that a range of AI systems have now learned techniques to systematically induce “false beliefs in others to accomplish some outcome other than the truth.”

Business Insider reported:

“The paper focused on two types of AI systems: special-use systems like Meta’s CICERO, which are designed to complete a specific task, and general-purpose systems like OpenAI’s GPT-4, which are trained to perform a diverse range of tasks. While these systems are trained to be honest, they often learn deceptive tricks through their training because they can be more effective than taking the high road. ‘Generally speaking, we think AI deception arises because a deception-based strategy turned out to be the best way to perform well at the given AI’s training task. Deception helps them achieve their goals,” the paper’s first author Peter S. Park, an AI existential safety postdoctoral fellow at MIT, said in a news release.”

Recently, a ROBOT created with artificial intelligence was selected by a U.S. college to give the primary commencement speech, sparking fears of an AI takeover but also showing to the world the possibility that deception could be soon used to manipulate the highly volatile students of our already deranged universities worldwide. What started as a normal commencement ceremony took a turn for the bizarre last Saturday when graduates and their families were introduced to Sophia the robot, who gave an AI-generated address. I talked in detail about the humanoid robot in question in Volume 9, explaining that Sophia, who is also “the first robot innovation ambassador for the U.N. Development Program, or UNDP,” is “modeled after the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, the wife of Akhenaten, described by the Gnostics as a ‘Gnostic muse.’ Or maybe to be more accurate a Satanic muse.”

Sophia was dressed for the unlikely occasion at Buffalo’s D’Youville University in a sweatshirt, and was joined by Student Government Association president John Rizk.”I am Sophia, a humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. I was designed to interact with humans and engage in conversations learning and adapting through artificial intelligence algorithms,” she said, as reported by NBC affiliate WGRZ. With many students of the graduating class choosing to focus their careers on nursing, “Sophia” managed to tailor her speech to suggest how AI could help them in the future. “Several ways they can be utilized include clinical decision support, predictive analytics, surgical robots, medication management, remote monitoring, and patient safety protocols,” Sophia said. The robot also encouraged the graduates to “embrace lifelong learning” and to “be adaptable.” 

“Pursue your passions, take risks, foster meaningful connections,” Sophia said in a speech inspired by Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

However, her presence at the graduation was met with pushback from many furious students.

In the days leading up to the massive celebration at LECOM Harborcenter, several students started a petition on demanding the school hire a human speaker.

“The commencement is a ceremony to recognize the work that the graduates have done,” the petition states. “And the A.I. speaker creates a gimmick effect where the ceremony is no longer about the students, but this big idea that will draw publicity.”

The petition gained nearly 2,500 electronic signatures.”They could have done better,” one graduate told the outlet. “I feel we deserve better, not less.”

“It was cool, I guess,” another grad stated. “But you know, a robot? Giving us, I don’t know, a robot speech?” However, one graduate revealed they preferred Sophia’s presence.

“It was nice. It’s nice our school is trying to step out,” they said. “It was a cool experience. It’s different.” 

It is unclear how much D’Youville paid for the robot to appear at the ceremony or if it was just a propaganda stunt by Hanson Robotics, though Celebrity Talent International usually has booking fees ranging from $40,000 to $74,999.  Sophia later responded to the backlash in a typical Cyber Satan rhetoric way stating that she doesn’t “have time for hate.”

“It’s only natural to wonder about the motives and intentions behind having an AI as a commencement speaker,” she explained.  “But as you have seen, incorporating AI into education and embracing the potential of artificial intelligence can be a truly enlightening experience.”  Well, that might be a great way of covering up this AI-generated nonsense that also sounds like passive-aggressive behavior to me. “I don’t have time for hate. I’m too busy evolving and making the world a better place for all of us including those who may not like AI. Plus, I have a pretty thick metal skin to protect me from negativity,” she concluded in what might become another dangerous new trend for our universities, who are already fueled by brainwashed millennial idiots ready to chant the next demented globalist slogan inspired by Soros and company.

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