Video Testimony by Russian Intelligence Exposed Soros Agent Alexey Navalny Before Killing Him for Treason!

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Article by Leo Zagami

A video, which was first reported by RT Television on March 29, 2024, appeared soon after in an article posted by on February 1st, 2024,[1] claiming to have been filmed by the Federal Security Service (FSB) sometime in 2012, which allegedly shows a meeting between Vladimir Ashurkov, a close associate of Alexey Navalny, and an MI6 agent disguised as an employee of the British Embassy in Moscow, as the real reason for his sudden death. 

George Papadopoulos, author and former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, commented on Navalny’s death by showing a clip of the incriminating video earlier today in the following tweet at X, confusing Navalny for his representative:

It’s horrific when a political opponent dies in jail. But it’s also never good to be caught on camera attempting a coup in your country with a foreign intel service. Navalny in this video is asking MI6 Officer James William Thomas Ford for $10-20 Million a year to start a color revolution in Russia. This is why he was arrested. And has major implications, especially in light of the CIA and MI6 sabotaging the Trump administration. Russia and the U.S. are more alike than you think. Sadly.

Ashurkov is the executive director of the FBK, the so-called “anti-corruption” organization of the late Alexey Navalny, who reportedly fell ill and died while taking a walk in a gulag located north of the Arctic Circle on Friday, according to a Russian prison authority. The death of George Soros’s puppet Alexey Navalny in a Russian prison seems to be far more important, of course, than the death of American journalist, Gonzalo Lira, for example, who died earlier this year at the hands of the Ukrainian regime,[2] and the international reaction to Navalny’s death in a remote Russian prison in the far north has been pouring in throughout the morning, from all the mainstream media condemning Vladimir Putin in a pathetic wartime propaganda effort.

The unproven yet veritable accusation that Putin and the Kremlin “brutally murdered” the Russian dissident, was first made today by Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics, then followed by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, who slammed Moscow as a “rogue regime” and urged so-called “accountability” saying that  “Alexei Navalny’s death is yet another dark reminder of the rogue regime we’re dealing with – and why Russia and all those responsible must be held accountable for each of their crimes.” Other European leaders reacted similarly soon after. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a puppet of the Illuminati as I pointed out in Volume 1 of my Confessions, said “All the facts have to be established and Russia has serious questions to answer.” He added: “Alexei Navalny has been a strong voice for freedom, for democracy, for many years, and NATO and NATO allies have called for his immediate release for a long time.” Last, but not least, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris had little to say about it all, as she is as we all sadly know mentally incapable of putting a sentence together, only telling the Munich Security Conference today that: “ Whatever story they tell, let us be clear, Russia is responsible, and we will have more to say on this later,” this is what she said without any evidence. Meanwhile, congressional leaders were quick to call Putin a “murderous dictator,” pushing for more money for Ukraine. All this is sincerely pathetic, but we are the ones paying remember that.

Navalny not only organized anti-government demonstrations and ran for office to advocate reforms against corruption in Russia, against President Vladimir Putin and his government but most of all, as the video testimony shows beyond doubt, he was trying to foment a coup in the Russian Federation, asking MI6 Officer James William Thomas Ford for $10-20 Million a year to start a color revolution in Russia through his representative Vladimir Ashurkov. This act of treason allegedly sealed his faith.

The surveillance footage, recorded in the early 2010s, appears to confirm beyond doubt that a close associate of Alexey Navalny was in fact seeking cash and intelligence from an alleged British spy and suggesting his anti-corruption work may benefit firms in London. The person he met at a Moscow Cafe was identified as James William Thomas Ford, then Second Secretary for political affairs of the UK embassy in Russia and an MI6 agent working under diplomatic cover for the Russian Federal Security Service successor of the former KGB. The discussion presents problematic optics for Navalny and the FBK team and appears to support the Russian government’s claim that they deserve to be considered as foreign agents ready to kick off another “Colour revolution.” Soros, by toppling the democratically elected governments through his “Colour Revolutions,” stymied the evolution of this unstable New World Disorder, as I explained in Volume 9 of my Confessions, an essential book to also learn how certain Illuminati secret societies and knighthoods operating in Ukraine have not only artificially created the Ukrainian identity in the last 200 years but also instigated this war against Russia with the help of the Italian Illuminati Dignity Order of Grand Master Giuliano Di Bernardo For this reason, on November 21, Ukraine commemorates the so-called Day of Dignity and Freedom an Illuminati creation.



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