The Pope Apologizes for Pedophilia while “Priest DJ” Plays Techno at World Youth Day Lisbon 2023!

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Article by Leo Zagami

Last year, in Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 8, I exposed for the first time the new growing phenomenon of the so-called “Cristotecs,” born within the Catholic Church that was originally “promoted by the Catholic community Alleanza della Misericordia.” Explaining that “the offertory” is often “accompanied by music from the film Jesus Christ Superstar,” and other diableries.

In this new social/religious event, which has very little to do with the traditional Catholic Church and is obviously another demented product of the progressive church of Pope Francis, a DJ priest plays a mix of House, techno, and gospel music with a supposed “spiritual touch,” for the Catholic crowd, while religious images are projected on various large screens, and the faithful dance along while drinking nonalcoholic drinks.

 “Cristotecs” were originally born on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, but in 2012 they also landed in Italy and are now expanding throughout Europe with the famous World Youth Day in Portugal Lisbon 2023, which saw the participation of Pope Francis. On Sunday, August 6, 2023, the immense crowd of 1.5 million, who spent the night outdoors in Parque Tejo after the vigil, waiting for Mass with the Holy Father, woke up to the electronic music of Father Guilherme Guimaraes Peixoto, for the most unusual “After Hours” party one could ever imagine, and I was a DJ for many years. This was not Ibiza, but the 49-year-old Portuguese artist/priest Father Guilherme Guimaraes Peixoto from the Archdiocese of Braga, made it look like it was. 

Father Peixoto was a parish priest in the churches of Laúndos and Amorim and chaplain of the Portuguese Army for 13 years, so not your average DJ, but rather a PSYOP expert. Several hours before Sunday’s Holy Mass, the priest took the stage to encourage pilgrims and “wake them up” with a mix of electronic music which featured at the end the voice of a sampled Pope Francis and “Saint” Pope John Paul II. 

As I wrote in Volume 8, “It seems that the followers of Loyola do everything to help the devil and encourage heresies,” but Californian Elizabeth Alva, who was present at Parque Tejo, told ACI Prensa that “music was the first thing everyone heard when they woke up this morning” and that “everyone was very happy.”

The new format, however, garnered a mixed response from pilgrims, and some complaints from bishops about miscommunications related mostly to schedules and locations, but nobody complained about what seemed one of the most absurd episodes in Catholic history, check out this video testimony of the event:

In the meantime, the Catholic media sympathizers presented Father Peixoto’s DJ exploits in a “saintly” way, explaining how he began his career as a DJ to financially support the Parish of Saint Michael of Laúndos in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal. “We had a big debt (the end of the restoration of the parish residence). We didn’t have classrooms for catechism and there were needs to be resolved,” he told the Jornal de Guimarães.  And after the success of his first concerts, he apparently continues to fundraise to improve his parish. Regarding his unprecedented and surrealistic participation in World Youth Day, where he played techno surrounded by some of the most influential Vatican clergy, he assured the faithful that he prepared everything to “be a hymn of glory to God,” but read Volume 8 of my Confessions instead to know more about THE “NORMALIZATION” OF SATANISM IN THE POST-CONCILIAR VATICAN.

Approximately 85% of Portugal’s population identifies as Catholic and the church is generally held in high esteem in Portuguese society. But the Pope’s trip came as the church in Portugal is under fire over a 500-page report published in February by an independent commission investigating decades of sexual abuse by clergy members involving at least 4,815 children.

The report’s publication has caused shock in the Catholic County. “There was indignation,” says António Costa Pinto, a professor of political science at the University of Lisbon. “Even the President, who comes from the center-right and is Catholic, had a reaction of indignation.” Of course, the Pope apologized during the visit, receiving at the headquarters of the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See in Lisbon during the event, the 13 people who suffered sexual abuse when they were minors by representatives of the Portuguese Catholic Church.[1]

But the scandals never end for the Catholic Church, and on the same day of the meeting, which had been requested by the Pontiff as an obvious propaganda stunt, a naked transgender through himself from the window in Italy after a wild night of cocaine and techno music with a local Catholic priest.[2]

God save us from these heretics!



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