Roof Collapses While Satanic Band Morbid Angel is Playing!

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Article by Leo Zagami

In an old interview from 1991,[1] Trey Azagthoth, lead/rhythm guitarist for Morbid Angel described their music in relation to religion in the following way:

“….as far as religion, our band is the weapon against any kind of conformity organization such as, y’know, one would be Christianity here in the States.

Explaining how: “Morbid Angel just stands for: be your own master, and y’know, just live your own life,” basically another band that follows the precepts of the “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,” Antichristian philosophy of Aleister Crowley.

Adding that: “Morbid Angel will always be a death metal band. Death metal to me is the most extreme form of metal or music.”

I described in detail the dangers of this kind of music, death metal, in my latest book, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 8: From the Rise of the Antichrist to the Sound of the Devil and the Great Resetand as some of you may know, I also talk about the importance of keeping away certain frequencies that are inherently evil.  Incredibly enough, in that old interview, Trey Azagthothwas very specific about his knowledge and the use of such frequencies:

Basically, the overall pitch of an E [Azagthoth picked the guitar string], of an E string, chopping an E, a normal E is a little bit, um [pause] it’s just the, well, you know how the different pitches come across with a different frequency, which’ll give you a different feeling, y’know what I’m saying? Like, different keys, it’s, um [pause] music is all frequencies. Everything has got a little frequency to it. Everything is moving, all the molecules are moving, and the frequency [pause] basically it’s for the frequency. I can’t explain any better than that. I like chopping a D# or whatever it is better than an E. It had a more evil feel.

It’s no wonder that during the recent night which saw deadly tornadoes ravaging multiple states in the Midwest and South on Friday evening and early Saturday morning, a tornado caused a roof to collapse at the Apollo theatre while Morbid Angel performed for 260 people in Belvedere, Illinois roughly 70 miles northwest of Chicago, on Friday night. One person died, two people have life-threatening injuries, and 40 have been treated for their wounds.

Tornado sirens went off in downtown Belvidere at 7:24 p.m. Friday, authorities said, but it is still unknown whether the 200 people at the Apollo Theatre had heard or responded to the siren when 23 minutes later, the Apollo roof collapsed. “Some concertgoers were trapped under the rubble, and others rushed to free them, pulling people from the debris,” officials told The Washington Post[2]adding:

Shawn Schadle, the city’s fire chief, said in a Saturday news conference that he did not know whether the person who was pronounced dead at the scene was working at the venue or attending the concert.” And in what seems a strange move: “Officials declined to identify the man” but one thing is for sure “He was already gone” when they pulled him out of the debris.

Is God trying to send a message? At least five people were also killed in Arkansas, according to officials, and in the Little Rock area, where Bill and Hillary Clinton’s infamous political careers took off, at least one person was killed and more than two dozen were hurt, some critically, authorities said. Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott said that 2,100 homes and businesses were in the tornado’s path.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s kickstarted their career in the state capital of Little Rock, Arkansas which is filled with tributes to the former president, the only native of the Natural State who has made it to the Oval Office, but no public comments have been made on the tragic event by the most demonic couple in American politics whose occult practices are well known. 

Let’s pray for all the victims of the tornadoes and please keep away from those evil frequencies. 



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