The Persecution of Christianity in China Will Continue after the Vatican Confirms the Renewal of Contested Accord with the CCP

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Article by Leo Zagami

Today, the Vatican has extended its 2018 Secret Agreement with China as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wrapped up its twice-a-decade congress on October 22, 2022, cementing Xi Jinping’s iron grip on power and revealing a new Central Committee missing two key officials lacking close ties to the leader, and after removing, in an unprecedented manner, former Chinese leader Hu Jintao, as I explained in my previous article.

This happens amid increased controversy as a trial against a prominent Chinese cardinal continues to move forward in Hong Kong.

Though the terms of the agreement have never been made public, the deal, brokered in September 2018, is believed to be modeled after the Holy See’s agreement with Vietnam, allowing the Holy See to pick bishops from a selection of candidates proposed by the government.

When the provisional agreement was announced in 2018, Pope Francis formally recognized eight bishops named by the Chinese government’s Patriotic Association without the permission of the pope, meaning that until then, technically they had been excommunicated.

The deal, which many experts in Sino-Vatican relations believe is an initial down payment to forge formal diplomatic ties with China, was renewed in October 2020, just weeks after then-United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the accord in an article published in a popular conservative magazine and is part of the increasing alliance between the Vatican Jesuits and Communist China that has led, since the agreement was signed in 2018, to visible persecution of all forms of Christianity not authorized by the CCP, transforming the Catholic Faith in China into a Satanic state institution, rather than a religion.

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