Synod Poster Criticized for Showing “Priestesses” and “Pride” as Francis Pushes Woke Vatican III

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Article by Leo Zagami

The Marxist style Pact of the Catacombs is an agreement signed n secret by 42 bishops of the Catholic Church at a meeting following a Mass in the Catacombs of Domitilla near Rome, on the evening of 16 November 1965, three weeks before the close of the Second Vatican Council to define the future of the Church of the Antichrist built to destroy Christianity and welcome a socialist future. 

In the particularly relevant point 10 of the 13 points laid out by this sinister alliance, they insisted their mission was built to influence the political and social sphere to obtain “the advent of another social order”:

Piont 10. “We will do our utmost so that those responsible for our government and for our public services make, and put into practice, laws, structures and social institutions required by justice and charity, equality and the harmonic and holistic development of all men and women, and by this means bring about the advent of another social order, worthy of the sons and daughters of mankind and of God.”

And like I explain in detail in volume 7 of my Confessions of an Illuminati, The Pact of the Catacombs was led by Dom Hélder Câmara (1909-99) Bishop of Olinda and Recife, known also as Brazils “red bishop.”A prominent figure who was Professor Klaus Schwab’s mentor as well as Pope Francis’. 

Schwab made The Pact of the Catacombs, and the work of Câmara the focus of the World Economic Forum in the middle of the Seventies inviting Câmara to Davos as special guest as I explain in my book. That’s the reason why Pope Francis is now insisting that we need a new economic system that better provides basic needs for the global poor, along with guaranteed work and land, basically embracing Socialism, and the Antichristian values that go with it. On August 23rd, it was reported that Pope Francis demanded that all funds of the Catholic Church be transferred to the bank at the Vatican by October, seemingly following the third point laid out by infamous Pact, but we also all know there is a sudden realization that the European banking system might soon collapse so the Pope decided to quickly embrace it.

Point 3. “We will not possess real estate, goods, bank accounts etc. in our own names; if it should be necessary to have them, we will place everything in the name of the diocese, or of charitable and social works.”

In the meantime, papal cheerleaders and skeptics alike are interpreting Pope Francis’ recent decision to prolong his pet project of synodality by another year as heralding a sort of Third Vatican Council or Vatican III in “slow motion”, to fully reshape the Catholic Church beyond The Pact of the Catacombs, including this time also a discussion on the possible acceptance of LGBTQ clergy. 

Vatican watchers note that the extension is a response to the widespread apathy, and even rejection, by a big number of Catholics of all this progressive nonsense. It also displays resistance to synodal reforms in the areas of acceptance of homosexual relationships and women in holy orders, that could change forever the very nature of the Catholic Church in line with that happened already in the Anglican Church. However, a Synod poster has already sparked controversy for a drawing pushing the idea of a female “priestesses” and a guy clearly wearing a “Pride” t-shirt, but in the United States, a mere 700,000 of its 66.8 million Catholics participated in the consultation (1.37%) for the so called “Synodal Process”, that is obviously being highjacked by the “woke” minority present in the Catholic church today. 

The drawing in question that shows a group of young people in front of church, including a woman dressed in a white chasuble and red stole and another young man wearing a multicolored LGBT “Pride” shirt is obviously in line with Pope Francis dea of a “woke” Church but no Catholic in their right mind will in fact allow these Satanic changes to happen, and even Pope Francis knows it, but the papal propaganda continues, on all fronts. 

The Pope wants to definitely go “Woke”, without going broke, but that’s not going to be easy as many donors are already rejecting his progressive changes not in line with traditional Catholic doctrine especially in the United States.

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