Russia’s state TV says Nuclear War is Coming Because the West doesn’t understand What happens next

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Article by Leo Zagami

The situation seems to be spiraling out of control as Vladimir Putin states that new Ukraine sites will be targeted if the West supplies more long-range weapons, 

While the USS Kearsarge visits Stockholm to participate in a military training exercise involving 14 NATO states plus Finland and Sweden, the Russian political analyst Sergey Mikheyev used Russia’s state-controlled TV to send another nuclear warning to the West, and this time it might include more truth than we can digest. Speaking on Russia’s Channel 1, Mikheyev threatened that the weapons that keep reaching Ukraine will see the war in Ukraine escalate into WW3. “The nuclear war is coming”, he added after warning “[the West] don’t understand what happens next”.

Should we consider this threat worse than the others? Yes, we should, because as I pointed out in the past, the Illuminati have a secret plan to depopulate this planet using among other things, a nuclear war. 

In the meantime, the ever-so “colorful” and “dramatic” Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrove, warned the Ukrainian population of “real special operations” to be conducted by Russian invaders “in the coming days” as the country remains under Putin’s attack without really understating how close they are to a possible nuclear attack by the Russian Federation.

In 2020 a poll found that nearly one in five people believe that the coronavirus pandemic is a “depopulation tactic” but nobody has yet conducted a similar poll regarding the present nuclear threat that should also include not only the current threats by Russia but also the current revival of nuclear power plants. 

Even with their apocalyptic reputation, nuclear power plants are increasingly promoted as relatively safe by the elite that needs them.

There is the danger that more nuclear power stations in the world could mean more nuclear weapons, after all, the first nuclear power stations were built primarily to provide fissile material for nuclear weapons during the Cold War. Nuclear materials may also get into the wrong hands and be used to make a crude nuclear device or a so-called ‘dirty bomb’.

So, while we don’t fully understand yet the seriousness of the Russian threat, we can say with certainty that one way, or another the nuclear threat is alive and kicking on multiple sides and is rising as we speak. The connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons have always been very close and are largely kept secret. Most governments take great pains to keep their connections well hidden, the nuclear power industry’s habit of hiding things from the public was established right at its beginning, due to its close connections with military weapons that are not back in high demand. That’s why we need to be ready for something terrible as The Great Reset continues to expand.

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