Father Malachi Martin, Kiev, and The Real Third Secret of Fátima

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Article by Leo Zagami

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I want to write about Irish Priest, Father Malachi Martin and his revelations about the Real Third Secret of Fátima. In the late 1990s, another consummate Vatican insider, the late Irish priest and exorcist Father Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit, went on Art Bell’s radio show and entered a guessing game with the listeners. They told him the hearsay they had heard about the Third Secret of Fátima and Martin replied as to whether they were correct or wrong.  This was Martin’s way of circumventing the oath he took not to reveal the Secret, which he read when he was working in the Vatican during the early 1960s, when he served as Secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea during preparations for the Second Vatican Council. Disillusioned by Vatican II, Martin eventually asked to be released from certain aspects of his Jesuit vows in 1964 and moved to New York City.

Three decades later, he said he could answer the listeners questions truthfully because he could not tell a lie – and indeed he agreed a “plague” would be around for those living in the time of the Third Secret. The “plague” he talked about could very well be the infamous China virus that has indeed changed our lives as the first stage of the current Great Reset in the last couple of years.

On Art Bell’s show, Martin gave fragmentary but significant answers as to the contents of the Third Secret itself, which was confided to the three shepherd children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco in 1917 and was meant to be read and published by the Pope in 1960, which turned out to be Pope John XXIII, a Freemason, who obviously refused.

The late Fr. Malachi Martin, a purported reader of the Third Secret of Fátima, while he was working in Rome, confirmed in his book The Keys of This Blood, that the consecration of Russia had been sabotaged by Freemasonic globalists among the cardinals and bishops themselves. And in his books and interviews, Martin hinted on more than one occasion that the Third Secret, if publicly revealed, would confirm the apostasy of today’s Vatican officials—as well as the Providential role of Ukraine and Russia for world peace.

He said:

“Now as regards the mystery of Fátima it still stands…. So, Russia is within the plans. Why? Err…that would take me too far afield into papal secrets. Why Russia and Kiev are involved in the final solution of this problem. But they are. They are part-and-parcel and it’s really God’s choice. And it is purely and simply God’s choice. Like He chose the Jews. He has His own favorite solutions. I wouldn’t have chosen Russians or Kiev or The East for salvation. But salvation is to come from the East.”[1]

Most shockingly, one listener told Martin, that they had heard from a priest who had claimed to have read the Third Secret that, “The last Pope would be under the control of Satan…when Pope John XXIII read this he fainted, thinking it was him”, to which Martin replied, “Yes, it sounds as if they were reading the text of the Third Secret”

Though some consider Martin suspect, as I suggested in Volume 3 of my Confessions, especially for his alleged connections to the Israeli Intelligence Community, he was the private secretary to one of the most influential Jesuits of his time, Cardinal Bea, for 6 years from 1958 to 1964, and so well placed in the curia to know some (verified) secrets of the Vatican during a period in which the Marian apparition by Our Lady of Fátima, and the content of The Third Secret ofFátima in particular written down “by order of His Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and the Most Holy Mother” on January 3, 1944, was one of the hottest topics after it was delivered in Rome in a sealed envelope in 1957.

However, three years later in 1960, the Vatican issued a press release stating that it was “most probable that the Secret would remain, forever, under absolute seal.”

Nevertheless, why would Martin mention Kiev out of all places in his public comment, since he did not stand to gain anything from it and at a time when Kiev was not known to be geopolitically significant to the public nor connected with Fátima? Only the full revelation of the Third Secret would reveal the whole truth, and for this reason, a growing number of Catholics are pressuring the Pope to make a statement about it or release the integral version.

According to one source, when Lúcia was asked about the Third Secret, she said it was “in the Gospels and the Apocalypse”, and at one point had even specified Apocalypse chapters 8 to 13, a range that includes the Book of Revelation 12:4, the chapter and verse cited by Pope John Paul II in his homily in Fátima on 13 May 2000.

[1] Father Malachi Martin during an interview with Bernard Janzen, New York City, 22 March 1997.

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