Vatican produces a useless Antichristian document on Covid-19 to support the WHO and the New World Order

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Article by Leo Zagami


In the past four days, I have studied the latest document from the Vatican, that is a reflection on the Covid-19 pandemic that I regard as an embarrassment for the Catholic Church and another step towards the religion of the Antichrist. The Catholic church has famously struggled in the past to accommodate scientific research because of the dangers of placing science over religion, but things have completely changed with the Jesuit Pope, as the Jesuits are not only the black magicians of the Catholic Church but also the scientists.

The Pontifical Academy for Life, under the leadership of the corrupt and controversial Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, produced this infamous document, and the Vatican press office introduced it to the world on July 22, 2020, on the Feast of St.Mary Magdalene with a title that clearly is a statement of heresy: “Useful information on the Document of the Pontifical Academy for Life: Humana Communitas in the age of pandemic: untimely meditations on life’s rebirth.”

The title is misleading and the document provides very little to no information on how we should survive this struggle as Christians. Even in describing the unhappy social situation arising from the pandemic, the Pontifical Academy is overly sentimental without mentioning the closed churches all over the world, or even California banning singing in places of worship: “It has deprived us of the exuberance of embraces, the kindness of hand shakings, the affection of kisses, and turned relations into fearful interactions among strangers, the neutral exchange of faceless individualities shrouded in the anonymity of protective gears.”

Opening with a sketch on the damage that the pandemic has done to the human community, the document also observes: “Surely, we are summoned to the courage of resistance.”  So is that Christian resistance? Of course not! Nowhere in the document “Humana Communitas” does the Pontifical Academy guide us toward the source of such courageous resistance, Jesus Christ. Despite stretching to well over 4,000 words, the Vatican document does not mention in fact God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the sacraments, prayer, or even charity; even the word “Christian” does not appear in the text and incredibly enough the Pontifical Academy for Life, regards the plandemic as a punishment for mankind’s sins against the environment.

It seems like this is the next step of what is left of the Catholic Faith into Thunbergism, the Antichristian ideology of Greta Thunberg I described in detail in Volume 4 of my Confessions.  “The Covid-19 epidemic has much to do with our depredation of the earth and the despoiling of its intrinsic value.”Says the new Vatican document. Obviously, that is not a scientific statement, but it might be taken as a religious claim if the religion in question is the evil environmentalism created by the Illuminati to ruin our economy that is already devastated by the Chinese virus.

From the Vatican, there is no Christian message of hope, only more leftist propaganda issued by a Communist Pope and his minions. Under different leadership, in a different era, the Pontifical Academy for Life might have urged us not to be paralyzed by fear of sickness and death, nor to regard any interaction with neighbors as a dangerous imposition.

The document makes a weak gesture in that direction, saying that “the seeds of hope have been sown in the obscurity of small gestures, in acts of solidarity too many to count, too precious to broadcast.” But it does not catalog the “small gestures” Christians make, but makes a grandiose call for worldwide solidarity and international cooperation, stipulating that the World Health Organization should have a “privileged place” in the campaign. Yes, the same WHO that has mislead the world and helped the Chinese Communist Party cover-up.

The pandemic has struck fear, and often irrational fear into millions of hearts who now need more than ever the message of hope of the Gospels.  The Vatican should be offering reassurance and perspective, reminding the world that death is not the greatest tragedy, that life has meaning, that armed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit we can conquer our fears. That Christian perspective is sadly lacking from this document that is instead built to support the Chinese-led New World Order and their Satanic plan to take over the world and to co-exist in a “universal dream”and implement the post-Synodal Apostolic Pagan exhortation Querida Amazonia.

No God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the sacraments, prayer, or even charity for the new Vatican document on the Chinese Virus.
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