Citizens of Ferrera Erbognone one of the most polluted towns in Italy are being studied because of their immunity to COVID-19

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 Article by Leo Zagami


Ferrera Erbognone, a name that would mean nothing to most, has come under special observation by the Italian health authorities for a very strange reason. It is one of the few towns in the Lombardy region where there have been zero cases of the coronavirus infection.

Located in the province of Pavia in southern Lomellina, it has only 1,200 inhabitants, and none have been affected by the Chinese virus that is plaguing not only the Lombardy region in Italy, but practically the whole planet.

Some scientists believe that this is not a coincidence, and there could be something more that protects those who live in Ferrera Erbognone, home to one of the biggest oil refineries in Italy that might be in some way connected to the rare immunity of its citizens. Can pollution be a cure for once? The Mondino Neurological Institute of Pavia is studying this case to understand more, with the possibility of using antibodies from residents to fight the novel coronavirus.

The singularity is certainly surprising when you think that on the 1stof December 2016 the oil refinery in question Sannazzaro de’ Burgundi, polluted the whole area after an explosion inside the refinery triggered a huge ball of fire that erupted over the town of Ferrera Erbognone, now mysteriously protected by the COVID-19 crisis. In the hours after the event that took place in December 2016 and brought 3 managers condemnations for misconduct, all the inhabitants of the area were asked to stay indoors, but obviously something stayed with them since that terrible night and it is seemingly protecting them from the Chinese virus.

It would be incredible if the blood from the citizens of one of the most polluted towns in Northern Italy might end up becoming a cure for COVID-19. The Mondino Neurological Institute of Pavia has received the approval of the town mayor Giovanni Fassina, and will proceed by collecting the blood of each citizen and do extensive biological and chemical research on the inhabitants of Ferrera Erbognone in April. In the meantime,Harvard Th Chan School of Public Health has issued a study that states that life won’t get back to normal before 2022.

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One thought to “Citizens of Ferrera Erbognone one of the most polluted towns in Italy are being studied because of their immunity to COVID-19”

  1. By studying Google Maps of the region one can se that the habitation is concentrated in a relatively small area with farmland surrounding the small habitated town krenel. The oil refinery can be seen nearby the habitation area.,+Provinsen+Pavia,+Italia/@45.1072642,8.8658838,4718m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47871a72adb5f9dd:0x277eceb25640b942!8m2!3d45.1144337!4d8.8652271
    The only remedy that stops the COVID-19 virus infection is Lamivudine or other reverse transcriptase inhibitor(RTI). My theory: This medicine has been added to the water supply, tap water. To test in a geographically small area with condenced habitation is ideal. The deep state agents behind the spread of this man-made killer virus want to test what to do with the people that are allowed to survive despite beeing chronic carriers in their DNA of the COVID-19 virus. This will be the situation with almost all the unwashed masses/useless eaters that have survived. The rulers of the world still need some servants, menial workers, sex-toys and slaves after the global population has been culled to Georgia Guidestone Levels (i.e. 300 to 500 million people). After the culling has been achieved agenda 21 is implemented where the population of the world is housed in small appartments within highrise buildings in condensed areas – no rural habitation allowed . They are testing the amount of Lamivudine or other RTI needed to add to the water supply and wether to add on a countinuous or intermittent basis. Pray that you are dead before this North Korean style tyranny with an urban twist is implemented. The tyranny and mass death can still be prevented though if liberal use of Lamivudine is implemented now worldwide. Someone should test the tap water in Ferrera Erbognone with a mass spectrograph and look for Lamivudine/RTI molecules.
    This virus has been made into a retrovirus in a laboratory. Just like HIV, also a retrovirus, it inserts a blueprint of itself in human cells DNA. It will reactivate itself with a death rate of probably 5-15% each time. The only thing that will stop it is HIV medicine like Lamivudine or other RTI. Please wake up , don’t let the Satanists win in their quest to destroy the earth!
    Please see the Tamaida Shimera blog: google “Tamaida Shimera”

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