Over 300 arrests in Italy connected to irregular Masonic Activities and the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia

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Article by Leo Zagami


The Italian police have arrested 334 people in one of the largest anti-mob operations ever seen in Italy, highlighting the growing reach of the’Ndrangheta Mafia from Calabria and deviant parts of Freemasonry, prosecutors said on Thursday. The ‘Ndrangheta, based in the southern region of Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, has surpassed Sicily’s more famous Cosa Nostra to become the most feared and powerful Mafia group in the country – and one of the largest criminal gangs in the world. Fortunately, this morning, the Italian police and Interpol have seized hundreds of suspects in early morning swoops conducted not only around Italy, but also in Germany, Switzerland, and Bulgaria. Italy’s infamous ‘Ndrangheta Mafia was, and still is, working with a large network of irregular Freemasons that I have denounced in the past for their criminal activities against Regular Masonry and their links to both the Italian Democratic Party and Forza Italia.

This is hopefully only the beginning of this clean-up operation by magistrate Nicola Gratteri, who has always been stubborn and a man of few words. Gratteri is visibly tired after the announcement, but still walks with a straight back and his head held high despite enduring the enforced captivity of 24-hour police protection due to his dangerous job.  Nicola Gratteri is a true statesman in a dangerous Italian region ruled by sinister powers and corruption that involve deviant parts of Freemasonry and the Vatican. Gratteri is a bastion of justice and civic responsibility and an example to Calabria and all of Italy that up until now, he was unable to reach because of the corruption of the Italian political and judiciary institutions.

These are the very same criminals that forced me to leave Italy when I was sued and threatened by the irregular Calabrese Freemasons of Grand Master Nicola Tucci of the Grande Oriente Italiano di Piazza del Gesù, who is connected to one of the people arrested by the Italian police, the politician and Freemason Giancarlo Pittelli, who is both a member of the “Regular” Grand Orient of Italy of Palazzo Giustiniani and an irregular lodge of Nicola Tucci. This was confirmed by former high-level Freemason and ‘Ndrangheta member Cosimo Virgilio, who said that Pitelli said that “Freemasonry opens your way to the highways of the world.” I think that after this latest scandal most U.S. Lodges should rediscuss the recognition of the Grand Orient of Italy.

Remember, the Grand Orient of Italy was once a significant player within International Freemasonry, and in 1972, it was recognized as regular by the UGLE. However, this recognition was withdrawn in 1993, due to accusations of corruption and Mafia involvement.


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3 thoughts to “Over 300 arrests in Italy connected to irregular Masonic Activities and the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia”

  1. The Black Messiah by Aleister Crowley

    This rare essay written by Aleister Crowley circa 1926 was attributed by him to one of his disciples based in Tunisia, Gerard Aumont. Crowley was attempting to replace the Theosophical Society’s invention for the low-caste Indian boy, Jiddu Krishnamurti becoming the second coming of Christ as the star in the east. A.C. was trying to be organised as the Aryan Star in the West, as Head of the occult and magickal fraternities; Argentum Astrum and the Ordo Templi Orientis. Krishnamurti however walked out from the Theosophists, renouncing the role which they wanted him to play. Some years later Crowley recounts in his book ‘Magick Without Tears’ (1944) that, “The Master Therion arose and smote” the “negroid Messiah Krishnamurti…what seemed a menace is now hardly a memory”. While Crowley revered the founder of the Theosophical Society, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and considered her to be a great Adept in contact with the Secret Chiefs, he clearly had little time for Annie Besant, Blavatsky’s successor, who perverted the original aims of the T.S. Aleister Crowley was born in 1875, the same year that Madame Blavatsky founded the Society. Both were emissaries of the Great White Brotherhood. Only one copy of Crowley’s pamphlet ‘The Black Messiah’ still exists which is stored in the Yorke Microfilm Archives, and it has never been reprinted for public consumption or public enlightenment since the 1920’s.

    * * * * * *

    The Black Messiah by Gerard Aumont (Aleister Crowley)

    There is one salient fact of to-day to which Europe and America can not shut their eyes. It is the surreptitious agitation of the inferior races, those whom evolution left behind – the negro and negroid types period. This menace grows with every year. Their own problems are so different that the white races, save for the few individuals who have studied the situation, have been prevented from grasping the full import of the threat. But some times there occur events which seem almost like mysterious providential warnings, and they will indeed be doomed if they do not find sufficient wisdom to use these to put themselves upon their guard.
    A superficial view is to blame the war for this state of things. Those who have gone more deeply into the question uphold the view that the danger has been latent for long, and that the war merely served to bring conditions to the verge of crisis, to put a spark to the train of powder. In any case the situation may be summed up briefly as follows.
    An immense multitude of blacks and kindred races, from every corner of the Globe, took part in the greatest shock of modern times – witnessed, in other words, a mortal blow to the prestige of the white races, by destroying the legend of their solidarity; and the point of conflict was the very heart of European civilization. For whole years these blacks looked on at the life of a country which they did not know, and could not understand. They acquired, to some extent, even the habits of the Aryan; and, when they returned to their own countries, carried with them a smouldering hate, a secret and deep-seated envy.
    To take a single instance. When Punjabi Sipahis talk among themselves of France, they talk of its infinite charm, and boast that when the time is ripe they will go over and take possession of those fertile plains, and live in that delightful climate. I will not make the reader’s blood boil with indignation by hinting at the fouler designs implied. This is only one crude illustration of a gigantic movement which is actually in progress – a far more serious menace than the old terror of the ‘Yellow Peril’.
    Needless to say, the strategy of the invasion dare not yet show itself on the material plane. The ‘Wise Men of the East’ are very wise, and know that revolutions are not wrought by politicians, but by philosophers. Rousseau counted for much more than Robespierre, Karl Marx than Nikolai Lenin. The campaigning against the supremacy of the higher races is therefore carried on, at the present time, by subtly undermining the spiritual bastions of Europe and America.
    There is a heavy export trade of sham oriental moralities; pretentious schools of bunkum imitation of Hindu philosophy, together with a hoard of rascally ‘holy men’ who batten on the hysteria of sexually neurasthenic females. It is, so to speak, a gradual anaesthesia of the civilized world, a world which has already been shaken to its base spiritually and morally by the advance of scientific knowledge, and which has greedily sniffed the chloroform in sheer folly born of boredom, its curiosity accepting a mentality which it ignores or knows only by tourist orientalism of the picturesqueness of the bazaars.
    But the old world can still get a grip on itself. The present moment is become favourable. Its enemies have over-played their hand. They have a bluff which makes the wise guy shake his head in sorrow. They have tried to suffocate us with the hot and somewhat foetid air of a lot of bunk about universal reconciliation; and on this fragile pedestal they have tried to set up a marionette Messiah, a kala admi – a nigger! And to increase its joy at our ridiculous position and our shame, have chosen one who is not only pervert, but an emasculate imbecile.
    They would hardly dare to attempt to put over so blatant and obscene a fraud; if they had not good reason for doubting whether there remained at the bottom of the hearts of the white civilised races, their ancient courage and inherited nobility. But it is not sufficient to dismiss the intrigue with a contemptuous smile. The mischief has gone so far that the human spirit will be obliged to resent the insult with a kick. This caricature of a prophet, stuffed and stuck up against the world, a laughing stock to humanity, must be taken seriously to this extent: that he has been put by the sinister forces that pull his strings as a ballon d’essai. By his reception, they will judge whether it is safe to go any further.
    The appeal of the inferior races is, perhaps, a taint of atavism in our blood. Those weary spirits among us who despair of life, who fear to fall from the long ladder of evolution; are always ready to listen to the siren calls of the bestial. From the sentimental Yogi to the jazz band, the soft luxurious mire attracts those degenerate types who have forgotten their manhood and their womanhood. However, there are sentinels to the fortress of the soul, and they are on the alert. The grotesque theatricalities of the renegade Annie Besant, the Barnum of the buck Messiah Krishnamurti, must serve to sharpen the will of the white race; not only to defend itself; but to sally forth once more as in the spacious days of Good Queen Bess, and reconquer our foregone prestige and mastery.
    Let no mistake be made! Our very life is at stake. The black man’s melody is a siren song! We must reply by acts, our reason and our right! The Krishnamurti plot, which – if men of courage and brains step forward on guard – will soon have no existence but in the history of the errors and follies of mankind, is cynical and redoubtable, most of all because it is based upon an actual spiritual fact.
    The old sanctions of our race are actually outworn. The bankruptcy of religion and ethics has left our ship without a compass, and for nearly the last quarter of a century, the most intelligent of mankind in every country of the world, have been awaiting a new Teacher to supply them with new charts and point out a new Star by which they may rule their course over the dark and doubtful ocean of existence. The secret guardians of the race, the true initiates, who only appear in such times of emergency as the present; have foreseen the necessity of a new World-Teacher, and provided him. He has been formally proclaimed. He has formally announced His Law, and He is prepared to offer to the world the proofs and the justification of his mission. The con game of Besant’s nigger is thus not only an insult; it is a usurpation and a fraud.
    White men and women must choose between these alternatives: Will they yield, content to be the black man’s slave, after having been his master? or will they stand to, and reply by an energetic spiritual reaction, which will restore the threatened equilibrium of the races?
    The white champion has appeared, He who, under the aegis of the Spiritual Masters of the planet, has proclaimed the Law of Thelema, the Law of Love, comprehended and directed by Will: the Law which bids each man pursue the proper orbit of his destiny, and develop himself around his own true centre of Light, will bring back welfare to his own race, and establish Peace with Victory upon the Earth.

    Ho! for his chariot wheels that whirl afar!
    His hawk’s eye flashing through the silver star!
    Upon the heights his standard shall he plant
    Free, equal, passionate, pagan, dominant,
    Mystic, indomitable, self-controlled,
    The red rose glowing of the cross of gold…

    Yea! I will wait throughout the centuries
    Of the Universal man-disease
    Until that morn of his Titanic birth…
    The Saviour of the Earth!

  2. On March 3rd, the “Ragged Ragtime Girls” opened at the Old Tivoli. It was an immediate success and relieved my mind of all preoccupations with worldly affairs. Most of my time was devoted to developing the work of the O.T.O. In May I took a short holiday in France and the Channel Islands. Only one incident is worthy of record. I had gone down to my beloved Forest of Fontainebleau for a walk. One morning, climbing the Rocher d’Avon, I saw a serpent cross my path. A little higher the same thing happened. This time I was impelled to kill the reptile, which I did.

    I took it into my head that the Masters had sent this as a warning that treachery was at work in London. I returned and found that Cremers was intriguing against me; and that, in particular, she had corrupted the heart of Leila Waddell. The O.H.O., moreover, had found out that the Grand Hierophant of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry, John Yarker, had died some months earlier and that his death had been concealed from his colleagues by the machinations of a sort of man named Wedgwood, in the interest of Annie Besant who wanted to obtain control of the Rite. The outrage was baroque, it being the first condition of membership that the candidate should be a freemason in good standing under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of England. However the conspirators had illegally convened a secret council at Manchester to elect a successor to Yarker. I was deputed to attend and convey the protests of the various Grand Masters on the continent. I did so. I challenged the legality of the council. I showed that Wedgwood was not a freemason at all. I exposed the whole intrigue. At the conclusion of my speech (printed in The Equinox, vol. I, No. X) the meeting was adjourned sine die. A council was then legally convened; and a man designated by Yarker himself as his successor in one of his last letters to me was elected Grand Master for Britain, with myself as his principal officer. Yarker’s office as Grand Hierophant was filled by Dr. Encausse (Papus), the Grand Master of France.


    Crowley Classics
    Four Broadsheets
    Issued from Tunis in 1924 and 1925 e.v.
    by Aleister Crowley

    TO MAN

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
    My term of Office upon the Earth being come in the year of the foundation of the Theosophical Society, I took upon myself, in my turn, the sin of the whole World, that the Prophecies might be fulfilled, so that Mankind may take the Next Step from the Magical Formula of Osiris to that of Horus.
    And mine Hour being now upon me, I proclaim my Law.
    The word of the Law is GR:Theta-epsilon-lambda-eta-mu-alpha
    Given in the midst of the

    Mediterranean Sea
    An XX Sol in 3° Libra die Jovis
    by me GR:Tau-Omicron Mu-Epsilon-Gamma-Alpha Theta-Eta-Rho-Iota-Omicron-Nu DCLXVI
    GR:Lambda-Omicron-Gamma-Omicron-Sigma Alpha-Iota-Omega-Omicron-Sigma GR:Theta-epsilon-lambda-eta-mu-alpha
    Whoso understandeth may seek through
    D. OLSEN

    SIDI BOU-SAID (Tunisia)

    -oO 2 Oo-

    All communications relative to this Message Should be addressed to Seniat El Kitou, La Marsa, Tunisia.

    The World-Teacher sayeth:

    Find, each of you, your own true Way in the Universe, and follow it with eager joy!
    There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt!
    Do that and no other shall say nay.
    Greeting and Peace!
    the Priest of the Princes.
    Sol {&}
    Luna in Aquarius. An XXI.



    The Avenger sayeth:
    You have done well to protest against the grotesque mummeries of the bottle-fed Messiah; you will still do wisely to beware of its Jesuitical wire- pullers. The attempted usurpation is most sinister Black Magic of the Brothers of the Left-hand Path.
    I need not remind you of the shameless and nauseating fraud by which the Grand Old Procuress worked herself into the presidency of your Society, of her blatant attempts to capture various rites of Freemasonry, of her imbecile parodies of the Romish heresy, of the obscene manustuprations practised by Leadbeater on the wretched Krishnamurti, with a view to making him a docile imbecile, in imitation of the traditions of the Dalai Lamas, or of a thousand other duplicities, tergiversations, and crimes. It is your daily shame to remember. Nor need I indicate your only proper course.
    With regard to the recent intrigue of the S.J. to introduce their cult into Hinduism:
    You are free to use the Sign of the Cross — or the Sign of the Blue Posts — exactly as you will. The Theosophical Society is, first of all, not a sect.
    The World-teacher will not try to enforce on Englishmen Hindu restrictions of diet, or on Hindus English restrictions of marriage.
    The word of Sin is Restriction!
    -oO 4 Oo-

    Madame Tussaud-Besant has produced yet again a waxwork World-Teacher.
    Well, he certainly looks lovely; but the question is: what has he got to teach?
    It is hard to write seriously about such antics; but it must be done for the sake of the well-meaning if weak-minded dupes of Mrs Barnum-Besant.
    Let it be understood that any World-Teacher must comply with certain conditions known only to initiates; but above all with one condition which can be appreciated by all men.
    He must utter a New Law; and this Law must be capable of full expression in one single word.
    Thus, in the past, we have the Word Tao uttered by Laotze, Jahweh by Moses, Anatta by Gautama, Iao by Dionysus, Allah by Mohammed, and so forth: the full interpretation of these words, when investigated philosophically, historically, or qabalistically contains the whole doctrine.
    Further, the Word must be self-evidently Truth, that is, it must be recognizable as fitted — and uniquely fitted — to the immediate necessity of Mankind, or to that section of Mankind for whom it is uttered, at the moment of its utterance.
    Let it moreover be known that the World-Teacher has indeed appeared, having fulfilled every one of the necessary conditions; that representatives of all the authentic Orders of Initiates have borne witness to his advent; and that he has in due form proclaimed his new Law. The Word of the Law is THELEMA.
    It was necessary to express this Law in the Greek language for philosophical, historical and qabalistic reasons, which will be explained to all enquirers.
    But, for this time, be it enough to say that the most general meaning of the Word is Will, with the sub-meaning Love; so that the elements of the Law may be expressed in these two phrases:
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
    Love is the law, love under will.
    Fra H.I.
    An XXI Sol in 0° Aquarius.
    Luna in 28° Aries

  3. During the last two generations the Masters of the Yellow School have been compelled to take notice of the progressive ruin of the White adepts. Christianity, which possessed at least the semblance of a White formula, is in the agonies of decomposition, even before it is actually dead. Materialistic science has overwhelmed the faith and hope of the Christians (they never possessed any charity to overwhelm) with a demonstration of the sorrow, transitoriness and cruel futility of the Universe. A vast wave of pessimism has engulfed the fortress of Mansoul.

    It was indeed a deadly blow to the adepts of the White School when Science, their own familiar friend in whom they trusted, lifted up his heel against them. It was in this conjuncture that the Yellow adepts sent forth into the Western world a messenger, Helena Petrowna Blavatsky, with the distinct mission to destroy, on the one hand, the crude schools of Christianity, and, on the other, to eradicate the materialism from Physical Science. She made the necessary connection with Edward Maitland and Anna Kingsford, who were trying rather helplessly to put the exoteric formulae of the White School into the hands of students, and with the secret representatives of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. It is not for us in this place to estimate the degree of success with which she carried out her embassy; but at least we see today that Physical Science is at last penetrating to the spiritual basis of material phenomena. The work of Henry Poincarè, Einstein, Whitehead, and Bertrand Russell is sufficient evidence of this fact.

    Christianity, too, has fallen into a lower degree of contempt than ever. Realizing that it was moribund, it made a supreme and suicidal effort, and plunged into the death-spasm of the first world-war. It was too far corrupt to react to the injections of the White formula which might have saved it. We see today that Christianity is more bigoted, further divorced from reality, than ever. In some countries it has again become a persecuting church.

    With horrid glee the adepts of the Black School looked on at these atrocious paroxysms. But it did more. It marshalled its forces quietly, and prepared to clean up the debris of the battlefields. It is at present (1924 e.v.) pledged to a supreme attempt to chase the manly races from their spiritual halidom. (The spasm still [1945 e.v.] continues; note well the pro-German screams of Anglican Bishops, and the intrigues of the Vatican.)

    The Black School has always worked insidiously, by treachery. We need then not be surprised by finding that its most notable representative was the renegade follower of Blavatsky, Annie Besant, and that she was charged by her Black masters with the mission of persuading the world to accept for its Teacher a negroid1 Messiah. To make the humiliation more complete, a wretched creature was chosen who, to the most loathsome moral qualities, added the most fatuous imbecility. And then blew up!


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