Socialist Nightmare Imposed on Venezuela by Vatican’s Lucifer Lodge

VenRepub-Political_cartoon_Venezuela_2014-e1548798251188Maduro is shown as a puppet of Fidel Castro in anti-government protest in March 2014. (Wikimedia)



Article by Leo Zagami 


While the Pope and his Jesuits continue their support in protecting Maduro’s Socialist regime, delegates from the White House and the Kremlin met Tuesday in Rome to discuss the current crisis in Venezuela and mediate the situation. U.S. special envoy Elliot Abrams and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov met with Pietro Benassi, Conte’s diplomatic advisor close to the Vatican said to be a Jesuit agent. Speaking to the Italian newspaper La Stampa,before the summit, Ryabkov stated: “Our positions on the current crisis are diametrically opposed, but there is no reason not to talk to one another.”

Of particular importance to discussions was the possibility of military intervention, which Russia and the Vatican firmly oppose. In recent months, Venezuela has been gripped by a crisis so great that its inflation could hit 10 million percent in 2019 if International Monetary Fund estimates are to be believed. Millions of Venezuelans have fled the country, while those who remain face food, water, and medicine shortages as well as regular blackouts. In recent weeks, violent clashes between the military and protestors inspired by the two factions at war, being the Freemasons of Juan Guidò, against the Jesuits of Maduro supported by Russia, have led to civilians being shot dead as they attempt to keep Venezuela’s border with Brazil open to allow for aid to pass freely. Nations around the globe have weighed in on the situation as a resolution appears a long way off.

Rome was chosen as the location for this difficult discussion due to the role of Pope Francis and his Lucifer’s Lodge, aka the Vatican, in the conflict. While the Italian government has followed the European Union’s official line on the Venezuelan situation, it has also stopped short of formally recognizing Juan Guaidó’s self-proclaimed presidency because of Pope Francis. There is also a community of around 500,000 Italians living in Venezuela and various members of the infamous P2 lodge that still operate there, which leaves Italy with a strong sense of duty to this Latin American nation that Russia and the Vatican are basically ruining with their support of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro who succeeded Hugo Chávez in power in 2013 and has since kept the legacy of Chávez’s Socialist nightmare imposed by the Vatican Illuminati and their friends in Moscow.



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