Massive scandal erupts for Opus Dei VIP priest


Paul Bettany as Silas in “The Da Vinci Code,” directed by Ron Howard and based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel. Credit /Columbia Pictures

Article by Leo Zagami 

The influential Catholic group Opus Dei, featured in the “Da Vinci Code” announced on Monday they paid almost one million dollars to silence a woman who said she was molested by VIP priest John McCloskey, the organization said Tuesday.  McCloskey gained fame by converting leading US conservatives including former Senator Rick Santorum, Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, husband of US Ambassador to the Vatican Calista Gingrich.

Opus Dei is often described in the media as “cult-like.” The true personal freedom of numerary members, who make up 25-30% of all members, are hindered by methods that resemble those used by cults. This sex scandal is probably only the tip of the iceberg for the secretive and elitist cult founded in 1928 by a Spanish priest, Josemaria Escriva—now a saint—whose spiritual framework for Opus Dei is the idea that holiness could be found not in a monastery or in church but in ordinary life.

In a statement released by Msgr. Thomas Bohlin, Vicar of Opus Dei in the United States, the prelature expressed his sorrow and called any case of harassment or abuse “abhorrent.”

“What happened was deeply painful for the woman, and we are very sorry for all she suffered,”Bohlin wrote. “I am very sorry for any suffering caused to any woman by Father McCloskey’s actions and pray that God may bring healing to her. “

The anonymous accuser, who made her complaint in 2003, was paid $977,000 in 2005, Opus Dei said in its first ever admission of a sexual misconduct case.The woman who filed the complaint, is a D.C.-area Catholic who was among the many who received supposed spiritual direction from pervert McCloskey through the Catholic Information Center, a K Street hub of Catholic life in downtown Washington near the White House.

She told The Washington Post that McCloskey groped her several times while she was going to pastoral counseling with him to discuss marital troubles and serious depression.  She said that Father McCloskey “put his hands on me on several occasions during pastoral guidance sessions.”

 However, Bohlin attempts to protect the Opus Dei, saying they had acted swiftly when the complaint was first made, telling McCloskey to have no further contact with the woman and to offer spiritual direction to women only through a screen in a traditional confessional – something Bohlin noted was already a rule for Opus Dei priests.

The Vicar of the Opus Dei  in the US added in the statement.“After investigating the complaint in subsequent months, we found the complaint to be credible, and in December 2003, Father McCloskey was removed from his position at the CIC. “



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