Pope Francis’ Christmas message to the “vicious wolves”



Article by Leo Zagami 


 Vatican city 12/21/2018 – Pope Francis,who is under heavy criticism, is trying to defend what is left of the Roman Catholic Church this Christmas by delivering a strong message to the members of his Roman Curia. The Pope, who has been accused of covering up cases of pedophilia all over the world, and has no credibility among genuine Catholics, is now trying to save his own reputation.

Remember, Pope Francis attended the funeral of Cardinal Law last year, someone whose cover-up of the depredations of the Catholic clergy in Boston was the subject of an Oscar-winning film entitled Spotlight. The Argentinian Pope has never been on the side of the victims, but has always sided with the pedophiles, like the recently condemned Cardinal Pell, and allegations say Pope Francis knew about Cardinal McCarrick’s abuse as well as many others. Pope Francis was, in fact, embroiled in a major pedophile scandal in Chile even before becoming Pope, and yet another in his native country of Argentina. This Pope is a hypocrite!

From the Sala Clementina, where every year the Pope meets members of the Roman Curia for the traditional Christmas greeting, his Jesuit hypocrisy seemed to reach new heights. This well-orchestrated Christmas 2018 propaganda stunt was cleverly organized by his new communication team, that Pope Francis recently made changes to by appointing two Italian journalists to key positions usually held by Jesuits.

The Pope spoke of “afflictions”that have marked the last twelve months of the Church, “hit by storms and hurricanes,”and with no shame, Pope Francis even thanked the media for investigating the abuse scandals. I am sure he was not talking about leozagami.com, Infowars, or Church Militant.

The Jesuit Pope delivered a seemingly strong message for the pedophiles telling them to “convert”. Maybe someone should remind him they are all priests of the Catholic Church! He also denounced the supposed “infidelity”of the members of the Church who sow dissension: “Behind them are the thirty pieces of silver.”In this message, he was obviously addressing the growing number of members of the Vatican establishment who are now turning against him, and in particular Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Nuncio to Washington from 2011-2016. Viganò threw Francis’ papacy into turmoil this summer when he accused him of rehabilitating McCarrick from sanctions imposed by Pope Benedict XVI. Viganò also accused more than two dozen current and former Vatican officials, as well as a host of U.S. bishops and papal advisers, of being part of the cover-up and called for Francis to resign over the scandal. Thirty pieces of silver was, in fact, the price that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus according to an account in the Gospel of Matthew 26:15in the New Testament.

The opposition Pope Francis is facing puts the Catholic Church into unchartered territory. The church transformation to a global religion designed for the New World Order might not be that easy…

In Francis’s early days as pope, he focused on the financial reforms he wanted to make. Pope Benedict resigned after a series of revelations, known as Vatileaks, which exposed financial malpractice in the Vatican, and Francis sought to end it. But the most vocal opposition to this pope has developed over his desire to favor Islam, illegal immigration, divorce, homosexuality, liberation theology, plus a whole range of other things that seem to make a true heretic of this Jesuit Pope.



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