Popular Italian journalist Paolo Attivissimo sends a death wish to Alex Jones via Twitter




Paolo Attivissimo at the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Italy) 


 Article by Leo Zagami


 “The 9/11 conspiracist Alex Jones is one of those people that if I had a time machine I would like to put him on one of those hijacked planes.”

These are the shocking words posted on Tweeter on the 6thof August 2018, by a well-known Italian left-wing writer and journalist Paolo Attivissimo, who since 2006, is the host of a popular show on Swiss National Radio called Il Disinformatico. He has authored and coauthored many Italian-language books on IT related subjects, and also on the blog Disinformatico.info. Attivissimo is a consultant for Swiss National Radio and TV (RSI), Mediaset and RAI, and speaker on information technology, conspiracy theories, hoaxes and misinformation in the media.


A big shot in the Italian media who presented his work on the subject of fake news in the former governments’ Chamber of Deputies that was lead by left-wing prime minister Paolo Gentiloni, during a lecture conducted with ultra left-wing fanatic Laura Boldrini, the former President of the Chamber and a close collaborator of George Soros,  involved  with various organizations like Amnesty International, ARCI,  Human Rights Watch and others linked to Soros.


So this not-so-veiled threat on Alexs’ life comes from one of Italy’s most influential journalists and disinformants connected to George Soros, who also created the Servizio Antibufala (Antibufala.info. hoax busting service) website, visited by millions of visitors and writes or has written articles for La Borsa della Spesa, Wired.it and Le Scienze (the Italian edition of Scientific American).


The fact that a left-wing journalist working for important state institutions like RAI or Swiss National Radio, can wish somebody like Alex Jones death on Twitter,and not get banned or lose his job, demonstrates once again the injustice we suffer in today’s society controlled by anti-democratic left-wing extremists.


The new Italian populist government has recently attempted to turn things around with the appointment of Marcello Foa as new president of RAI, but the pro-Trump and pro-Russian journalist nominated to run Italy’s State broadcast institution was immediately stopped by left-wing opponents, and RAI continues to remain firmly in the hands of the left-wing enemy.


Jones has been attacked heavily in the Italian media lately, but this Tweet and the ones that followed on Paolo Attivissimo’s wall show once again the typical intolerance of the left.




Paolo Attivissimo video from April 2017 published on the official Italian Chamber of Deputies (Italy)  Youtube channel



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3 thoughts to “Popular Italian journalist Paolo Attivissimo sends a death wish to Alex Jones via Twitter”

  1. Thank You, Leo for all your work. I have most of your books and find the deep research breathtaking. We are finding ourselves in the fight for our lives and our souls. It is truly the greatest spiritual battle in history. Thank you for your courage.

  2. Hi,

    I’m Paolo Attivissimo. Thank you for letting me know I’m a “left-wing writer”, which I find rather amusing. I’ll have to tell all the other people who think i’m an extreme right-wing writer 🙂

    Also, thanks for reminding me that I’m “connected to George Soros”. Now I know who I have to send a bill to, since I’ve not been receiving any of these payments you seem to know so much about.

    But seriously speaking…

    Jones can claim that the REAL Sandy Hook victims are crisis actors and that’s all fine and dandy for you, but if i IMAGINE a trip in an IMAGINARY time machine, wishing to take Jones with me to show him that his 9/11 no-plane claim is wrong, those words are a “death threat”? Do you think I have a working time machine?

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