Eric Gajewski interviews Leo Lyon Zagami


1)  Tell us a little bit more about yourself, background and how you got involved studying the New World Order
 I became involved because of my family background. In 1999 I was involved in one of their secret Masonic structures, built for the implementation of the New World Order, on an international level. This transnational lodge based in Monte Carlo, was founded by the European NATO Intelligence community, with an internal order denominated, Universal Unity, that had among their exclusive membership, the late Paul Casimir Marcinkus, that was originally founded by members of the infamous P2 lodge of Licio Gelli. I eventually had to leave when I argued in 2006 with Giorgio Ugo Balestrieri, now a US citizen, and one of the most influential members of the P2 Intelligence unit,  working for the Mossad out of UN headquarters, thanks to a Rotary Club senior position used as a cover up, who is also a homosexual linked to Satanism and the pedo rings, that were against me, and my will to expose them.
2) What are they trying to accomplish
From my experience they want a Communist One World Government based on a Communist Chinese model, a globalist left wing endeavor that we are witnessing every day, that is poisoning humanity with a liberal Masonic ideology and approach, eventually  controlling the survivors of humanity from their control rooms at the UN and the Vatican,  with the creation of a parliament of religions, based on a One World Syncretic Religion.
3)  Who would you say are the main players today?
The Jesuits and their first Pope, Pope Francis, and of course certain Chief Rabbi’s, in alliance with certain branches of Regular Freemasonry and the whole of liberal Freemasonry, and the Islamic world, which helps them in the further destruction of Christianity,  implemented earlier on a cultural level by the leftist Freemasons, and then erased by the Islamic invasion. Behind closed doors, the Royal families are in cohoots, helped by the main banking families guiding the process  with their Knighthoods and their secret transnational Masonic lodges. 
4)  Why are so many ignorant of the atrocities of Israel
Israel is not all evil. There are good people, like everywhere else, so I will not generalize on the population often made up of sheeple.  The role of Jewish Bolshevism in the control of most Communist movements, and  the expansion of atheism and Satanism, often promoted by Jewish intellectuals, is still a reality to this day, not a conspiracy theory as they would like you to believe. Just watch how George Soros operates. The initial struggle between Zionism and Bolshevik Jews described by Churchill is still to some extent going on in todays Israel. Netanyahu’s son states American left-Wing organizations pose a bigger threat than Neo-Nazis for example,  and he may be right on target on that point, but of course atrocities are being committed, and manipulation games are being played by the Chief Rabbi’s, just like in the days of Jesus.  Israel is in the end, a nation born to fulfill the end times expectations, and some of their families play a key role in the big game.
5) What resources can help someone investigate Zionism/New World Order more
I would like to talk about a Jesuit Zionist New World Order, especially after their alliance that was sealed during the Second Vatican Council.  So observing in a close way the Pope in Rome , and observing also his main allies, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, through articles and the media on a daily basis, is probably the best resource you can find. I can also say I like certain authors and their views, but the best sources for an investigative journalist are
the actual people involved, and I am lucky enough to have met in my life some great sources for credible information,  especially in the Masonic circles and in the Intelligence community that could give me access to their archives and libraries.
6)  Why cant we trust the mainstream narrative of “events from times past and present
Because history is made not only by the visible winners but especially the invisible ones,  and certain facts will jeopardize the myths and legends of many countries, and expose the truth about a tightly controlled humanity, where a war, or a new religion or political current  is only a way of perpetrating their ancient plan to eventually implement a robotic society ruled by machines and the occult elite presiding over them.
7) How close do you believe we are to the economic collapse and world war 3
The year we are all looking at is 2020 lets pray we will survive it.
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