Donald Trump VS The New World Order


It’s true the American elections seem like a joke this year, but voting for Hillary Clinton means voting for the Elitist scumbags who support her like the Bildberg Club, the Jesuits and the Islamic terrorist Fethullah Gülen. I endorse Donald Trump as a true alternative in these coming elections, and I hope once Donald is in power he will free Europe of Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi and the other criminals who are now selling out Europe to Saudi Arabia and their ISIS mafia piloted by many dark figures of the US Military Industrial Complex, who are trying to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. Donald is no Saint, but in my opinion if Hillary is elected it could lead to possible Civil unrest and Revolution.



One thought to “Donald Trump VS The New World Order”

  1. I stand behind D. Trump. The drawback about his election is that many of the Americans don’t seem to know how to decide from a jacall like Hillary that she even kept valuable information from the general in Libya during the invasion of Libya ; either because the Americans had it so good or else sheer ignorance. I remember asking an American friend on the second term of G. Bush, She responded that we Americans are voting for him for the second term because HE is the only one that can save us.. That is sheer STUPIDITY!!!

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