CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATI VOLUME 8 From the Rise of the Antichrist to the Sound of the Devil and the Great Reset/Table of contents+Presentation  

Introduction by the Author Thursday December 8, 2022 at 8pm EST

Chapter I

The notes of God and the frequency of the Devil

Music and frequencies: a diabolic conspiracy

Is there a frequency of evil?

Hollywood and Walt Disney are the machines of Masonic propaganda

A Luciferian wedding uniting music, cinema, and sound

From Tavistock to the C.I.A., the social geo engineering that controls Hollywood

The globalization of sound and the new figure of the DJ

Water, man, and music

The behavioral science used to manipulate the masses

Chapter II

The noise of the Antichrist

What we mean by noise and the mission of this book

Fiat Lux and the Sabbatean Frankist who own Ferrari

How the Illuminati and Rothschilds helped the rise of Communism and the power of the Rockefellers

The Flexner report, the origins of the Big Pharma and the sound of manipulation

Music as a non-conventional military weapon

RCA, Elvis, and the 360-degree control of the world of entertainment

Top Secret: the militarization of cinema and music

Chapter III

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The animistic origin of rock, Pythagoreanism, and the rhythm of the Devil

Voodoo rock and the roots of evil

Crowley and the covenant with the Devil in the world of music

Crowley the first Rockstar 

Artist of the “Great Beast” amongst deadly accidents and successes

Everyone crazy about Crowley and the curse continues

Ordo Templi Orientis and the religion of the Illuminati that dominates Hollywood

From the ancient mystical cults to Hip Hop

When the Devil music inspires massacres

Bob Dylan, the Mask, and his pact with the Devil

All at the crossroads with the Devil

Chapter IV

Hollywood and the Great Babylon of the Antichrist

The hidden roots of Hollywood

The propaganda factory of modern Babylon guided by the Military-industrial complex and Freemasonry

From Acid House to Black New Age, the secrets of Thee Temple of Psychick Youth

Anton LaVey, the Sabbatian Frankist who founded the Church of Satan

LaVey’s crisis and the Satanist conquering politics

Chapter V

Chaos control, counterculture, psychedelia, and mass manipulation from the 50s to the 90s

The Beatnik’s diabolical roots, LSD, and the Hollywood generation 

Woodstock and other hippie experiments from the C.I.A.

EMI and the “Spiritual” and hidden turn of The Beatles

The control industry creates the Rockstar phenomenon 

The three musketeers of the Beat Generation

Felicity Mason and the New York occult scene

William Burroughs, the dark guru of the Beat Generation and the 1980s

Aldous Huxley, a disciple of Crowley and chief of the MKUltra project

Chapter VI

The rise of the Antichrist

Balducci and the “normalization” of Satanism in the post-conciliar Vatican

Satan and pedophilia in Hollywood

The myth and the importance of the Illuminati in African-American culture

Oprah the true queen of the Illuminati of Hollywood

Chapter VII

The Great Reset of Hollywood and the music industry

Artificial Intelligence and the Hollywood Metaverse

The “Reset” philosophy of streaming, Apple, and the mysterious death of Michael Jackson

The Masonic involvement of Steve Wozniak and his passion for the music of the Devil

Red magic, fashion, and sex slaves

The Luciferian stars at the service of the Monarchy

The genesis of the Illuminati from Mozart and Wagner to Beyoncé