Hamas Leader Thanks Student Pro-Palestinian Protests Financed by Soros & Company to Annihilate Jews

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Article by Leo Zagami

Senior Hamas official Khaled Mashal, a former member of the “external leadership” of Hamas operating outside Gaza, officially thanked student protesters at American universities for their protests and anti-Israel encampments and for their participation in what he defined as the “Al-Aqsa Flood” war. Immediately following the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks against civilians, Mashal called for a global Muslim uprising in support of Palestine. He emphasized the need for Muslims to sacrifice and carry out Jihad, a concept whose origins and development, were originally linked to the Middle Eastern Illuminati I’ve explained in detail in Volume 10

 Khaled Mashal asked the Islamic world to offer their blood and souls to advance the Palestinian cause after the infamous attacks of October 2023. He urged Muslims to display their anger, not just in Muslim countries, but also in diaspora communities around the world, which now seem to include the “Woke” Islam-leftist student agenda  present today in American Universities made possible  “thanks to the sponsorship of Soros, Rockefeller, and Pritzker, whose paid agitators are fueling (as usual), the explosion of radical anti-Israel protests at colleges across the country,” as I wrote in Volume 10.

Mashal’s shocking statements were made on May 18, 2024, when he addressed the Flood of the Free conference hosted in Istanbul, Turkey, by the infamous Muslim Brotherhood. The Society of the Muslim Brothers, better known as the Muslim Brotherhood, born in Egypt in 1928, is a product of Islamic Illuminati and British Freemasonry “with generous financial support provided by the British Suez Canal Company,” which has had in the last century, a key role in the development of Jihadism, characterized by the advocacy of “physical” (military) jihadist attacks on non-Muslim targets. But, as I explain in my latest book, the Muslim Brotherhood, just like their offshoot, Hamas, is simply a tool of the New World Disorder, controlled, sponsored, and manipulated by NATO and diabolical forces that want to keep most Islamic countries in a constant Third World condition. Khaled Mashal is another puppet of this evil game doing his part for Hamas.  

The U.S. is currently experiencing one of the most significant waves of antisemitism in American history, often bringing together the left and right in an unlikely alliance made of ignorance and hate. Learn what is really happening in the Middle East by reading Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 10, and you will finally understand the Divide and Rule policy (Latin: divide et impera) at work today. In Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 10: Islamic Freemasonry and the Secret Societies Behind the Eternal Conflict in the Middle EastI explained how “growing anti-Semitism inside and outside college campuses in Europe and the United States due to tensions surrounding the present situation in the Middle East,” will make my book, “an eye-opener that will benefit a huge number of people.”