The Rise of Cyber Satan: The UN Lays the Foundation for AI Take Over!

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Article by Leo Zagami

The mind-blowing growth of artificial intelligence poses many questions that we don’t have answers to, the United Nations admitted Thursday at its AI summit, attended by some scary and exceptionally life-like looking AI-controlled humanoid robots.

The UN seems aware that AI technology is rapidly accelerating, so they say they want to set its boundaries and directions to maintain their leadership in the future World Order. So, to better control the rise of Cyber Satan the UN brought together some of the best minds on the topic, whether human or man-made. As I predicted in Volume 6.66 and Volume 7 of my Confessions, the situation could quickly get out of hand, but for the moment the UN’s ITU tech agency that arranged the event is presenting the “good” side of AI.

The “AI for Good Global Summit,” which is currently taking place in Geneva saw many unaware attendees startled by the humanoid robots suddenly turning to look at them as they passed by. These fools can’t even imagine the danger these robots will soon become for mankind.

“When generative AI shocked the world just a few months ago, we had never seen anything like it. Nothing even close to it. Even the biggest names in tech found the experience mind-blowing,” Said ITU chief Doreen Bogdan-Martin at the summit adding that, “the possibility that this form of intelligence could get smarter than us got so much closer than we ever thought — including those behind the technology.”

More on this crucial topic in the upcoming Volume 9 of my Confessions, for the moment, enjoy the freedom we still have. 

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