The UFO Truth Behind the AI Cyber Satan Trap is Unfolding in Front of Our Eyes!

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Article by Leo Zagami

     “What if AI is an alien trap from the very start? Do you think aliens will appear in the sky and then invade us? No, unfortunately, they are already here, using AI and Robots, the fruit of reverse engineering, as artificial means to conquer us. Think for a moment about this sequence of past events since the 1950s. We tried to build Artificial Intelligence for a long time without success, then suddenly AI became real and robot take-over suddenly began on a massive scale, but we are not its real creators, aliens/demons are, and they will use robots to impose the power of Cyber Satan’s Legion without weapons on mankind. We are already dependent on robots, and we are becoming even more dependent every day, so there is no way to change the game result, we are the apparent losers in this game, and this whole process might have happened already in many other species across the universe. Remember, the beginnings of modern AI can indeed be traced to classical philosophers’ attempts to describe human thinking as a symbolic system, but the field of AI wasn’t formally founded until the summer of 1956, less than 10 years after the Roswell incident, at a workshop held on the campus of Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, where the term “artificial intelligence” was suddenly coined.”

                                                                                                      (Leo Lyon Zagami, Confessions of an Illuminati Volume 7: From the Occult Roots of the Great Reset to the Populist Roots of The Great Reject, 2022, p. 207)

            This is a short extract from one of my most successful, yet controversial books where I explain in detail how UFO reverse engineering has been used since the 50s by demonic aliens to build a digital prison on behalf of Cyber Satan, aka AI, in time for what Christian eschatology describes as the End Times. 

            Of course, some people criticized my belief in UFO reverse engineering exposed in Volume 7, but times are suddenly changing rapidly and my worst fears are 100% confirmed by an intelligence officer turned whistleblower named David Charles Grusch, a veteran and former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office, who has suddenly come out on various news outlets in the last few 48 hours claiming that there are UFO/UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering programs nested within the  Department of Defense and commercial Special Access Programs which have been hidden from Congressional oversight for decades. 

             “These are retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles, call it a spacecraft if you will, non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed,” Mr. Grusch told NewsNation.

            Although this may be difficult to believe, the Pentagon cleared the whistleblower’s public comments and he has testified in front of Congress for 11 hours. Grusch’s pals in the intelligence community are vouching for him personally and have also confirmed that his claims are true. The original story was posted at the Debrief on Monday and it has now been picked up by Fox News, Newsweek, and the Guardian among dozens of other noteworthy global media outlets. 

            Describing the story as a game-changer on the UAP topic could not be more of an understatement as the most likely scenario is the UFO topic is finally out of the bag, as a public Congressional issue, but at the same time no so-called UFO expert is going to warn you about the connection between aliens and the development of Artificial Intelligence aka Cyber Satan which is changing our lives as we speak.

             Aliens are a subject I have discussed in relation to the occult in Volume 4 of my Confessions and The Invisible Master: Secret Chiefs, Unknown Superiors, and the Puppet Masters Who Pull the Strings of Occult Power from the Alien World. While I will never describe myself as a Ufologist, I received many praises from UFO experts present at the recent UFO convention Contact in The Desert in Indian Wells (California), as you can see for yourself in the latest episode of The Leo Zagami Show.

             Stay tuned in to The Leo Zagami Show because The Truth Will Set You Free.

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