Pelosi held an Exorcism at her San Francisco Mansion to Banish Evil Spirits After the Home Intrusion, but She Needs to be Exorcized!

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Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California), left, walks with Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan through Statuary Hall at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Credit: Rod Lamkey / CNP. 11 May 2022 Pictured: Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California) offers remarks as she meets with Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Credit: Rod Lamkey / CNP. Photo credit: Rod Lamkey – CNP / MEGA Where: US Capitol When: 11 May 2022 Credit: MEGA/WENN *****ONLY AVAILABLE FOR AGREED WENN SUBSCRIPTION DEALS*****

Article By Leo Zagami

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has always been a Demoncrat, a person that has no idea what true Christianity and even true Catholicism really is. 

For this reason, she was denied Communion last year by the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone:

But she didn’t care and received Communion directly from the Jesuit Pope in Rome:

She has even tried to rid her home of evil spirits, without understanding she is the one who needs an exorcism. According to her daughter, Alexandra, “Over Thanksgiving, [Pelosi] had priests come, trying to have an exorcism of the house and having prayer services.”

The Democrat’s daughter was discussing the attack on her father Paul Pelosi, 82, during an interview with the New York Times, when she mentioned the Catholic ritual for ridding demons from specific persons and spaces. The ritual was requested by her mother after the alleged home intrusion by David DePape. The suspect officially beat up Paul Pelosi with a hammer in an attack that was never fully explained but was full of contradictions.

However, after all the evil she has been perpetrating during her career, I think Nancy Pelosi could save her soul, but she needs an exorcism from Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who announced last year that the now-former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi should not be admitted to Holy Communion.

Nancy repent! Amen! And read Volume 6.66!

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