Illuminati and Freemasons Openly Wage War Against Vladimir Putin 

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Article by Leo Zagami

In the late 1970s, Ray Sherwin and Peter J. Carroll, two young British occultists interested in ritual magic, founded an Illuminati order called The Illuminates of Thanateros, an international magical organization that focuses on practical group work in chaos magic and geopolitical issues.

Since its foundation, the order organized itself along the somewhat “traditional” lines of a fraternal occult order, with initiations into progressive degrees denoting magical skill, administrative responsibility, and leadership within the group. Members are obliged to keep silent on internal affairs and the identities of their fellows. The latter rule does not seem to apply to deceased persons, as it is not a secret that William S. Burroughs, Timothy Leary, and even Robert Anton Wilson (who was also a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis) have all been members, and George Soros is said to be one of their main sponsors in developing the project in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, as I wrote in Volume 7 of my Confessions.

It’s no wonder that at the start of the war in Ukraine, Peter J Carroll, who was at one point also the treasurer for the UKIP, the anti-EU political party, issued an emergency appeal petitioning people to launch magical attacks on Putin and people around him.

We interrupt the usual monthly flow of these blogs with an emergency appeal.

Following positive feedback from around the world – This following message is released for circulation by any available means. Circulate to all possible sympathizers and allies in all esoteric traditions.

Knights of Chaos Ukraine Campaign 2022.

The KoC calls upon all magicians everywhere to join in magical attacks to: –

Turn the people closest to Putin against him.

We wish to see him disobeyed and restrained or assassinated by his own people.

To this end we call upon volunteers to circulate intelligence about, and images of, those believed to have close connections to Putin for use as Magical Links.

We call upon volunteers to create and circulate rituals and spell procedures for individual and synchronised workings.

We call upon volunteers to launch magical attacks to ‘Turn the people closest to Putin against him’ on an irregular psi-warfare basis using a variety of techniques at unpredictable times and from many locations.

We bestow an honorary knighthood of chaos on all volunteers for the duration of the campaign.

Stokastikos, Acting Marshal KoC, Chancellor of Arcanorium College.

This war in Ukraine was started by One Man who does not enjoy the unqualified support of his associates or his country’s population. He appears to have become deluded, and the situation may deteriorate even further if he is not stopped. We seem to have a clear case here where intervention against a single individual can make a world of difference.

Conjure individually and/or involve friends, allies, and associates for larger workings. Spread the message. [1]

A few weeks later, Peter J Carroll issued an UPDATE:

 “My thanks to all magicians from around the world who have volunteered, we seem to have raised a great many wands to the cause of stopping Putin.”

In the meantime, Michael M. Hughes, a Freemason from the York Rite and Illuminati, who belongs to the Ordo Templi Orientis, who five years ago, was behind the binding ritual against Donald Trump,  created a global mass ritual to curse Vladimir Putin and “protect Ukraine.”[2]

The first mass ritual created by “Brother” Michael M. Hughes took place at 7:33 pm EST on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022, and continues weekly, every Saturday, 7:33 pm EDT and at other times on a rolling basis, until Vladimir Putin is removed from power and Ukraine is free. He even invites after each ritual, to donate to  United Help Ukraine or Doctors Without Borders.



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